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Call for Applications for the Stop TB Partnership Board - TB Affected Communities

There are two elected seats for representatives of communities affected by TB on the Stop TB Board. Currently, the Partnership is seeking applications for the replacement of both community representatives on its Board.

Please read the information sheet to find out more about the Roles and Responsibilities expected of the future TB Affected Communities Board Members. The constituency-based seats are unique in that board members filling these seats must be especially equipped to represent a diverse set of views and have the capacity to provide the leadership of their constituency.

Those interested in applying for the TB Affected Communities board seat are asked to submit by 31 March 2017 to the following documents:

  1. STBP Community Representative Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Declaration of Interest form
  4. Up to 3 Mandatory Letters of Support in English from organizations and/or individuals supporting the application from people who have in the past or are themselves working on TB.

Those interested to vote in the election of the new TB Affected Communities representatives to the Stop TB Board, and are not yet registered with Stop TB as a "community"-type of partner, please do contact

Call for Nominations for the Stop TB Partnership Finance Committee

There is an open seat on the Finance Committee (FC) and we are seeking nominations for the appointment of a new member. Finance Committee members must have experience in financial planning and risk oversight in a non-for-profit organization or in the international development sector. For more information, please read the terms of reference.

Please nominate qualified individuals from your networks, constituencies and institutions by sending an email to with the Nomination Form, CV, support letter and Declaration Form before 17th April 2017.

The Finance Committee (FC) is composed of 1 Chair and 2-3 members: Ms Cheri Vincent (Chair), Mr Thomas Forissier, Mr Prabodh Bhambal; Stop TB Secretariat staff attending: Ms. Ramona Rata (Finance), Dr. Suvanand Sahu (Deputy ED) and Mr. Mikkel Broholt (PMT).

The Finance Committee:

  1. Advises the Board and the Executive Committee on financial planning and risk oversight, by providing financial review of the Secretariat’s Operational Strategy and work plan against available and projected resources
  2. Provides oversight of revenues and expenditures, including tracking revenue to the Partnership Secretariat from donors, monitoring delivery of grants to determine cash flow, and tracking spending against the budget
  3. Reports to the Executive Committee on a bi-annual basis on the financial health of the Partnership Secretariat including; identifying changes to financing sources, areas of shortfall or surplus, and recommending re-allocation as appropriate