Stop TB Partnership

October 2004: Beijing, China

The year 2005 has been set as the milestone to reach the global TB targets. The Stop TB Partnership will need to stand strong with one voice on progress and challenges. Guidance and decisions from the Stop TB Coordinating Board will be crucial during this meeting, and will mark the way forward for the Partnership.

At the last meeting of the Coordinating Board in New Delhi (22-23 March 2004) during the 2nd Stop TB Partners' Forum, the Vice-Minister of Health from China offered to host the next Coordinating Board meeting in Beijing. In addition to the Board meeting, a selected group of Board members are expected to have an audience with the Vice-Premier of China. Before the Board meeting, a visit to one of China's TB priority provinces will be organized.

Meeting Documents

2.04-0 Outcomes
2.04-00 Agenda
2.04-01 Breakout Sessions
2.04-02 Plenary Session