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World TB Day TB Heroes - Stories from Patients

TB Success Stories from Patients and Front Line Health Workers

In celebration of World TB Day, the ACSM Core Group launched a call to all partners to share with us their stories about overcoming TB.

We all know the strength of communication as a tool to raise awareness, change behaviours and in addressing stigma. We know as well that REALLY listening is just as important (or even more important) than communicating facts and figures. It is only when we listen to others and put ourselves in the shoes of the other person that we learn something valuable.

This year, we invited our partners to talk about their experience from their own perspective. We have received countless stories in many formats and present them to you to pay homage to all the individuals who have battled successfully with the disease as well as those who have played a crucial role in supporting TB patients psychologically, emotionally and medically.

These stories have been kept the way they were sent. We have received many entries in Spanish and we have tried our best to translate them into English. The translations may not be perfect, but we hope the message is conveyed.

All these stories, coming from different people and different cultural contexts show us the power of human strength, give messages of hope. They also show us how different people rely on religion, family and other pillars of support that are so crucial when going through a difficult period in life.

Last but not least, the Core Group would like to thank fellow Core Group member Jamila Azizova for initiating this humble, yet great project.

We hope you enjoy these stories and we thank from the bottom of our hearts our partners and the individuals who took the time to share their intimate stories.

From the ACSM Core Group

Stories in Spanish - Historias en español