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Technical Assistance for ACSM

Requesting Technical Assistance for ACSM

Who can apply?

ACSM Technical Assistance (TA) is available to countries, programmes and partners who are involved with planning and implementing ACSM, preferably in close collaboration with the national TB control programme. Both Global Fund grant recipients and non-Global Fund countries and partners are eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed on an ad-hoc basis. TA provision depends on availability of resources and consultants.

What type of ACSM technical assistance can be requested?

Short-term technical assistance can be requested in the following areas:

  • Research Design. Designing formative behaviour or demographic research studies or protocols (ex. KAP surveys, focus groups etc.) to establish baseline data, to identify target audiences and to determine behaviour change targets;
  • Data Analysis. Interpreting data to aid message development and identify target audiences;
  • Management. Developing ACSM strategies and specific plans of action and guiding roll-out activities;
  • Training. Training Project Managers to implement ACSM at all levels;
  • Evaluation. Developing tools or instruments for ACSM monitoring and evaluation;
  • Grant Proposals. Guiding Global Fund proposal development (ACSM component);
  • Implementation. Identifying ACSM implementation obstacles or bottlenecks and guiding improved performance and results.
How to request Technical Assistance

Requests can be made through TBTEAM, the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism. TBTEAM was created in 2007 to facilitate access for all TB control stakeholders to well-coordinated TA through a network of technical partners.

Questions about technical assistance can be emailed to the ACSM focal point at or directly to TBTEAM at

What other options are there if my TA request is not approved?

If your TA request is not approved, the ACSM focal point at the Stop TB Partnership can help link you with online resources, your national Stop TB Partnership (if one exists), other funding sources, or other partners in your area who may be able to provide needed help. Do not hesitate to contact to discuss other options.

ACSM Consultants: Join the TBTEAM expert roster

The Stop TB Partnership is building a consultant database to match ACSM experts with incoming country requests. We are in need of consultants who have significant experience with any component of advocacy, communication and/or social mobilization as well as on operational research or monitoring and evaluation of ACSM activities. Consultants who wish to join the TBTEAM expert roster can do so through the TBTEAM web site.

TBTEAM expert roster inclusion requirements for ACSM
  • Proficient speaker and writer, able to easily convey ideas and facts orally and in writing using language the reader/listener will best understand.
  • Accountable and dependable, taking personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work, and achieving results with little oversight.
  • Good analytical skills and be able to adapt to different social, cultural contexts.
Functional skills and knowledge
  • Clear understanding of how ACSM contributes to TB prevention and control and the current weaknesses in planning and implementation at the country level.
  • Clear understanding of how ACSM should be applied in different country contexts and target audiences.
  • Clear understanding of the full cycle of ACSM from research and planning, to implementation and M&E of ACSM.
  • At least five (5) years experience in planning and implementing community-based and/or country-level ACSM (Please specify which area of ACSM you have most experience and knowledge in (e.g. planning and assessment, advocacy, behaviour change communication, social mobilization or community involvement, M&E and operational research, patient-oriented services, etc.).
  • Experience in consulting, particularly in providing ACSM technical assistance to at least one country other than your own country of residence in the past two years
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