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Election for Core Group of the Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) Subgroup

The ACSM Subgroup of the Stop TB Partnership's DOTS Expansion Working Group is a grouping of organizations and individuals with ACSM expertise and interest in facilitating the development, implementation and evaluation of TB advocacy, communication and social mobilization interventions under the Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015.

The ACSM Subgroup is currently running elections for its Core Group for a two-year term starting 1 October 2011 and ending 30 September 2013. Currently, all elected members of the Core Group have served one full term as members and are eligible to run for a second and final term.

Open elections will be held for 7 posts in the Core Group. We accept nominations from all individuals from the below-mentioned categories. Individuals can be Subgroup members, or non-Subgroup members.

  • Country-Level NGO/CBO involved in ACSM.
  • NTP staff with ACSM experience.
  • International NGO involved in country-level ACSM.
  • Communication expert (+10 years professional experience).
  • Advocacy expert (+10 years professional experience).
  • Community engagement expert (+10 years professional experience).
  • Organizations that are Principal Recipient or Sub Recipient for Global Fund grant with ACSM component.

Please see below for general nominee eligibility criteria.

Nominee Eligibility

All eligible candidates must have:

  1. Clear understanding, demonstrated through work track record, of how ACSM contributes to TB prevention and control and the current weaknesses in planning and implementation at the country level.
  2. Significant (5-10 years) experience planning, implementing and/or monitoring and evaluating advocacy, communication and/or social mobilization initiatives at country level.
  3. Full understanding of principles and practical approach proposed by WHO/Partnership material on ACSM (such as ACSM for TB control: handbook for country programmes [.pdf]).
  4. Leadership ability and skills as demonstrated through work track record.
  5. Willing and able to commit time and resources to the position. Please note that time committed and work done as Core Group member is not remunerated.

Nomination process - 22 July to 2 August

The nomination process will run from 22 July - 2 August. Please complete and send the following documents by 2 August 2011 to to be considered for this election.

(i) Completed Statement of Intent Form [.doc]
(ii) Recent Curriculum Vitae
(iii) Mandatory Letters of Support:

  • All nominees must have at least one, but up to three (3) letters of support in English from organizations/ individuals supporting their nomination who have themselves worked on TB.

All nominations will be reviewed by the Secretariat and Chair of the ACSM Subgroup. The review process will consist of ascertaining that the nominee satisfies the eligibility criteria indicated above and is willing to be considered for one of the positions.

Voting process - 10 August to 24 August

The voting process will run between 10-24 August. Voting will be done through an online system. All current ACSM Subgroup members [.xls] will receive emails with instructions on how to access this online voting system. Only those who are on the listserv will be contacted.

The seven people with the most votes will be selected as the Core Group members.

Official Nominees:

Below are the names of all the official nominees for this election. Please click on each of their names to read their Statement of Intent, CV and Letter(s) of Support.

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