Stop TB Partnership

The National Stop TB Partnership in Brazil

Parceria Brasileira Contra a Tuberculose (Stop TB Partnership in Brazil) was formed in November 2004 by civil society institutions (BEMFAM - Bem Estar Familiar do Brasil, Associação Damien do Brasil, Fórum Estadual de ONG´s na Luta contra a Tuberculose no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Sociedade Beneficente São Camilo – Pastoral da Saúde) and the Ministry of Health's TB Programme. Its mission, consistent with the human rights principles and recommendations of the Sistema Unico de Saude in Brazil, is to work towards elimination of TB as a public health problem while keeping in mind the economic, social and political aspects. Parceria Brasileira Contra a Tuberculose works in private-public partnerships and public-public partnerships in order to create innovative solutions for TB care and control in Brazil.

Primary contact
Name: Carlos Basília
Function in the partnership: Executive Secretary
Organization: Forum ONGs TB
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in Brazil:
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News from the partnership:

Tuberculosis is theme in international meeting at the Brazilian Congress

Submitted by Secretariat of the Stop TB Partnership, Brazil

08 October 2015, Brasilia - Tuberculosis is the biggest killing infectious disease in the world. We have accomplished many advances to control it worldwide, but if we continue in this pace, it will take us at least 200 years to eliminate the disease.” This is the opening line of the British Member of Parliament Nick Herbert, who was at the Brazilian Congress to call upon the importance of TB control in the world. Read more... [.pdf].

Thiago Silva: more than a football player, a TB champion

Submitted by Stop TB partnership Brazil

The National TB Control Programme, Brazilian Ministry of Health has launched a national tuberculosis campaign in August 2015 featuring Thiago Silvia, Brazilian footballer.

Through the years, these national campaigns have been improved and adapted to the Brazilian context. Last year, a famous Brazilian singer Thiaguinho made public his TB diagnosis and treatment, followed the cure, and starred in the National Campaign as a TB champion . His popularity helped to spread the message through the different means of social media.

This year the campaign will inform people that TB still exists and it can be cured, focusing on elimination rather than control. Read more... [.pdf].

World TB Day Joint Op-ed by Members of Parliament Nick Herbert ( United Kingdom) and Antonio Brito ( Brazil)
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil

Stop TB Brazil 10 years celebration
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - November 2014

On 27 and 28 November, members of Stop TB Brazil were assembled to celebrate its 10 years of creation. The importance of the partnership was highlighted as a national articulation and mobilization body, among government and civil society, strengthening TB social control in the Unified Health System agenda. Read more....

Brazil proposes a BRICS joint action for TB first line drugs
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - October 2014

Aligned with the new global challenges for tuberculosis control, Brazil proposed during the BRICS representatives meeting of Ministries of Health at the 45th UNION World Conference on Lung Health, in Barcelona, a joint purchase of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient for the production of first-line TB drugs for countries of low and middle income. This proposal could ensure universal access to free treatment to patients in these countries, greatly contributing to the control of the disease in the world.

Kicking TB: a real health score

Submitted by Stop TB Brazil

In the World Cup spirit, students from the Unified Educational Centre were introduced to the Project Kick TB Brazil on Tuesday, May 27th. The project’s purpose is to inform children about the disease using the national passion: football. Read more.

World TB Day in Brazil calls for a new TB campaign

Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - March 2014

For the World TB Day, the Brazilian Ministry of Health launched a new campaign on March 24. The campaign was starred by the singer and composer Thiaguinho who was diagnosed with TB in July 2013. He made his diagnosis public and shared his treatment experience in the social media. He completed his treatment and in February this year, he announced that he was cured. The campaign, with the slogan "The treatment was the biggest success of my life", is being transmitted on the radio, TV, social networks, billboards and other media instruments. Read more.

First National Seminar of Good Practice among Indigenous People held in Brasilia
Submitted by Stop TB Partnership Brazil - September 2013

The first National Seminar of Good Practice among Indigenous People was held in Brasilia on the 28th and 29th of August; this event marks the continuous efforts in benefiting tuberculosis control for the Brazilian population as indigenous leaders and representatives, civil society, government and experts gathered to build on a dialogue aimed at strengthening health systems in the country. Read more.

Special Subcommittee to fight poverty related disease in action in Brazil
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - August 2013

A public hearing took place in Brasilia last 20 August to discuss with government representatives the situation of public policies adopted in order to address poverty related diseases. The public hearing was convened by the special subcommittee of studies regarding poverty related disease, established by the parliamentary front to stop TB. Read more.

States and Municipalities’ TB Coordinators Meeting marked the 10 years of TB fight as a government priority
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - August 2013

On 6 and 7 August, the States and Municipalities’ TB Coordinators Meeting took place in Brasilia. The meeting aimed to promote the sharing of experiences among states and municipalities, but also analyze the current TB situation in the country in order to rethink strategies and search for more efficient solutions to control the disease.
Read more.

IV TB Research and Innovation Meeting of Bahia subsidizes the Subcommittee for poverty related diseases
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - July 2013

From 24 to 26 July, the city of Salvador held the IV TB Research and Innovation Meeting of Bahia. The event gathered national and international experts and prompted important contributions on social determinants of TB, highlighting the need to strengthen partnerships and foster new studies and researches.
Read more.

State Parliamentary Fronts are spreading through Brazil
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - June 2013

With the favorable outcomes of the Parliamentary Front to Fight TB at the National Congress, Brazilian states and cities started to articulate the establishment of local parliamentary fronts. Because TB is a socially determined disease, its fight requires political support and involvement with sectors other than within the health system.
Read more.

Rio de Janeiro hosts the first Subcommittee of Diseases Determined by Poverty public hearing to listen to civil society organizations
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - June 2013

Last Thursday, June 6, the first public hearing of the Subcommittee of Diseases Determined by Poverty was held in the Legislative School of Rio de Janeiro. The public hearing purpose was to hear civil society and acknowledge actions being taken in order to fight diseases such as TB and leprosy. More than 170 people attended the hearing, including government representatives and civil society. Read more.

Brazil hosts WHO event on the Post-2015 Eliminating TB Strategy
Submitted by Stop TB Brazil - May 2013

From the 29th of April to the 1st May, high burden countries’ representatives, multilateral agencies, civil society organizations and researchers met in San Paulo as part of the WHO Consultation on Elimination of the Catastrophic Economic Burden of TB: Universal Health Coverage and Social Protection Opportunities. Read more.

Public Hearing on TB in the Brazilian National Congress
Submitted by Parceria Brasileira Contra a Tuberculose - March 2012

On 27 March, the National Congress hosted a public hearing on TB as a public health problem in Brazil. The initiative came from Stop TB Brazil and a member of the Parliament, Antonio Brito from PTB-BA (Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro - Bahia), as one of the activities for World TB Day 2012. The main purpose of the meeting was to involve the National Congress into issues related to TB and strengthen relations with other sectors beyond the Ministry of Health. Read more.

TB in Brazil
  • The current situation and the progress made in TB control in Brazil can be found here. [.pdf]
  • Global Fund grants currently in progress in Brazil can be found here.
  • Technical assistance in Brazil is coordinated through the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism.