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The National Stop TB Partnership in the United Kingdom

UK Coalition to Stop TB: A small group of UK organisations working on TB met to coordinate media efforts. The idea was that these organisations could collaborate more closely together rather that approaching the same people from different sides. However, an outcome of the meeting was that there was a need for organisations in the UK to collaborate closer on a number of areas, and so a strategy day was held in September 2008 and more organisations invited. The coalition official formed in December 2008, with the first meeting March 2009. The coalition has a number of working groups including: media, TB in UK, Resource Mobilisation, Research and New Tools, resources for the coalition, TB/HIV. The Coalition has been formed to increase the level of awareness, commitment and political will to stop TB through a unified voice and coordinated actions. The Coalition aims to add weight to existing efforts and provide greater influence and impact through harnessing the skills, capacity and energy of all its members.

Primary contact
Name: Mr Bruce Warwick
Function in the partnership: Coordinator
Organization: RESULTS UK
Web site:
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in the United Kingdom:
  • To find other partners that are currently active in the UK, you could use the Stop TB Partners' Directory which lists all partners' email addresses and phone numbers as well as a detailed description of their activities. To start collaborating with partners in the UK, please click here.
  • To read the partnership's questionnaire which gives more detail about the structure, governance and members of the partnership, please click here.
  • For a good example from the partnership about partnering agreements, please click here.
News from the partnership:

The UK Coalition to Stop TB launches a new school-based campaign

Submitted by the UK Coalition to Stop TB - June 2012

On World TB Day 2012, the UK Coalition to Stop TB launched a new schools-based campaign to help raise awareness among young people in the UK. The aim of the campaign is to involve the youth population, informing that TB is a global problem that could come to an end in our lifetime. Read more.

UK Coalition to Stop TB responds to an inquiry on Global Fund and UK investment

Submitted by UK Coalition to Stop TB - April 2012

The International Development Select Committee conducted an inquiry into the Global Fund and UK investment. The UK Coalition prepared a written submission on the impact of the Global Fund for global TB control and its importance and impact for TB. Based on this written submission, the UK Coalition provided oral evidence at the hearing on 17 April 2012. Read more.

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