Stop TB Partnership

The National Stop TB Partnership in Japan

Stop TB Partnership Japan was established 19 November 2007. It was formed after 753 individuals showed intent of support to establish Stop TB Partnership Japan including approximately 200 senators. Strong political support allows the partnership to put TB on the national agenda and ensure that the government is dedicated to prevention, care and control of tuberculosis.

Primary contact
Name: Ms. Ayako Miyamoto
Function in the partnership: Secretariat
Organization: Stop TB Partnership Japan
Web site:
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in Japan:
  • To find other partners that are currently active in Japan, you could use the Stop TB Partners' Directory which lists all partners' email addresses and phone numbers as well as a detailed description of their activities. To start collaborating with partners in Japan, please click here.
  • To read the partnership's questionnaire which gives more detail about the structure, governance and members of the partnership, please click here.
News from the partnership:

"Collaboration" for National Stop TB Partnerships.
Submitted by the Stop TB Partnership in Japan - March 2014

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