Stop TB Partnership

The National Stop TB Partnership in Kenya

Stop TB Kenya: A pre-launch meeting was hosted by the Minister for Public Health & Sanitation to discuss the need for a partnership to support the NTP in August 2010. Stop TB Kenya was formed to respond to partners' interest in working together with the NTP to maximize efficiency and effectiveness through a streamlined partnership approach. On 18 October 2011 Stop TB Kenya had its first steering committee meeting with the Division of Leprosy, TB and Lung Disease (DLTLD) technical working group. The Kenya Stop TB Partnership's first meeting will prioritize the commemoration of World TB Day 2012 in order to ensure a successful communications campaign and will begin the partnership exploration phase of the partnering process. This new partnership has great prospects for the years to come.

Primary contact
Name: Ms Evaline Kibuch
Function in the partnership: National coordinator
Organization: Kenya Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease/Kenya Medical Research Institute
Web site:  
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in Kenya:
  • To find other partners that are currently active in Kenya, you could use the Stop TB Partners' Directory which lists all partners' email addresses and phone numbers as well as a detailed description of their activities. To start collaborating with partners in Kenya, please click here.
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News from the partnership:

Nairobi, Kenya , 13- 15 January 2015
HIV/TB Gender Assessment Workshop : Building capacity for TB activists to advance gender equality through Global Fund and national Programmes

A workshop was organized was to strengthen the capacity of TB activists and gender equality advocates to integrate gender equality perspectives in TB and HIV national programme planning.

The workshop was also an opportunity to ensure that key advocates understood and are able to use the new TB/HIV Gender Assessment Tool as well as contribute to the development of the "Cheat sheet" with gendered interventions that will support programming on TB and TB/HIV from a gender equality perspective. Read more [.pdf].

Stop TB Kenya begins the partnering process
Submitted by Stop TB Kenya - October 2011

The partnering process is a fundamental step in any partnership, and the Kenya Stop TB Partnership is ready to take this important step. The partnering process is a way to formalize ties with partners, identify the roles and responsibilities of partners, and map resources (financial, material and human resources!) that partners can contribute in order to reduce overlap or waste and increase efficiency and efficacy. A sustainable partnership is created when a successful partnering process in complete. Read more [.pdf].

TB in Kenya
  • The current situation and the progress made in TB control in Kenya can be found here. [.pdf]
  • Global Fund grants currently in progress in Kenya can be found here.
  • Technical assistance in Kenya is coordinated through the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism.