Stop TB Partnership

The National Stop TB Partnership in Mexico

Comité Nacional Stop TB: The partnership was launched in 2004 by Dr Roberto Tapia, the Vice Minister of the Department of Health. The main activities included grassroots mobilization of local communities for sustainable solutions and community empowerment. The partnership also benefited from operational and financial support from regional organizations which allowed for sharing of experiences and independently monitored results.

Primary contact
Name: Dr Martín Castellanos
Function in the partnership: Focal point
Organization: National TB Programme
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in Mexico:
  • To find other partners that are currently active in Mexico, you could use the Stop TB Partners' Directory which lists all partners' email addresses and phone numbers as well as a detailed description of their activities. To start collaborating with partners in México, please click here.
  • To read the partnership's questionnaire which gives more detail about the structure, governance and members of the partnership, please click here.
TB in Mexico
  • The current situation and the progress made in TB control in Mexico can be found here. [.pdf]
  • Global Fund grants currently in progress in Mexico can be found here.
  • Technical assistance in Mexico is coordinated through the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism.