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The National Stop TB Partnership in Pakistan

Stop TB Pakistan: The WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office consulted the National TB Control Program (NTP) and together they developed the framework and functions of Stop TB Pakistan. At present the secretariat is housed at 250-D, Block-6, PECHS, Karachi-75400, Pakistan. Vice Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi holds the chairmanship of the partnership. In 2009, the partnership began its meetings that focused on selecting coordinating board members, a chairman of the board, committees and a secretariat. Than in the year 2013 on 24th March World TB Day, a meeting of the coordinating board of Stop TB Pakistan was organized at Dow University of Health Sciences, Ojha Campus. During this meeting Executive Secretary (Honorary) was appointed to re-organise the Stop TB Pakistan’s Forum, Coordinating Board and form different committees. Today, Stop TB Pakistan is working for a TB free Pakistan in coordination with the National TB Control Programme Pakistan and has already achieved so much over the years. Glimpses of our work can be seen hereunder:-

Primary contact
Name: Dr. Iqtidar Ahmed
Function in the partnership: Executive Secretary
Organization: Stop TB Pakistan
Web site: Coming soon
More information about the National Stop TB Partnership in Pakistan:
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  • To see the presentation from Behrooz Sabzwari, a Pakistani TV movie actor, during the workshop for national stop TB ambassadors, 5 December 2011, Geneva, please click here. You can also watch one of his productions.
News from the partnership:

Partnering with Media to End TB in Pakistan
Newsletter 24th May,2017

A consultative workshop "Partnering with Media to End TB in Pakistan" was organized by Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) with the support of Mercy Corps in Islamabad with key journalists and media persons. One of the renowned media personalities in the country, Ms. Kanwal Naseer was the chief guest on the occasion and representatives of national and provincial TB control programs also attended the workshop. Read more....

Advocacy Program with School Owners and Churches for involvement of Youth in increasing awareness on TB.
Newsletter 25th April,2017

Stop TB Pakistan has launched an advocacy program with school owners and churches for involvement of students in increasing awareness of TB and fund raising for TB patients in Pakistan. The salient feature of the campaign is through a Stop TB Pakistan designed and printed "Stamp Ticket" of denomination Rupees 10/-. Read more....

World TB Day 2017 commemorated in various parts of Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan

World TB Day 2017 was commemorated in Pakistan with great enthusiasm and increased public participation this year. It was special due to a new campaign "Light up the world for TB" this year, Stop TB Partnership, Geneva Switzerland. The main purpose of the campaign is to draw attention of general public, communities all over the world to understand the threat of TB epidemic. Pakistan is a high TB burden country and stands 5th on the WHO list of high burden countries. There are several successes achieved over the years by better planning and smart strategies being adopted by the stakeholders in Pakistan.

Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) in coordination with its provincial chapters and partners Provincial TB Programs and National TB Program organized the campaign and made arrangements for lighting up the public buildings, national monuments and heritage sites in the country.

News from NTP Pakistan Islamabad
Newsletter World TB Day 2017
Other News-Newsletter World TB Day 2017

Stop TB Pakistan : National Consultation Workshop on Childhood TB
Newsletter; 6-7th September, 2016

A national consultation workshop on childhood TB was organized by Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) at Serena Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan on 6-7th September 2016 in coordination with Mercy Corps Pakistan, NTP Pakistan, WHO-EMRO & TB Alliance. The national workshop on childhood TB provided the stakeholders an opportunity to engage the various stakeholders (NTP, MCH, NGOs, pediatric association, Pakistan Chest Society, the provincial TB Programs and PGs) and to jointly plan for the scale-up of childhood TB activities. Read more....

Fund raising musical concert for TB organized in Pakistan
Newsletter; 10th October, 2016

Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) organized its first Fund Raising Musical Concert at Ojha Campus, Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi on 10th October 2016. At the start of the show, Prof. Masood Hameed Khan (Chairman) STP discussed the major problems of shortage of sufficient funds for TB Control in Pakistan. Organizing such events serves as an opportunity to disseminate knowledge of TB and the threats it poses to our society and at the same time generate funds for the welfare of the poor TB patients. Read more....

New office/ Secretariat of the Stop TB Pakistan opened
July 22, 2016 : Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan

Stop TB Pakistan (STP) (National Partnership) has opened its new Head Office/ Secretariat at Kavish Crown Plaza, Main Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi. The official opening of the new office was performed by Prof.Masood Hameed Khan (Chairman, STP) by cutting the ribbon at the door of the office and attended by the members of the coordinating board of STP. Read more....

Stop TB Pakistan and the Church of Pakistan collaborate to fight TB
Submitted on June 28, 2016

A delegation from the Stop TB Pakistan National Partnership led by Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah (Vice Chairman) visited the Church of Pakistan last month and met with Honorable Bishop Sadiq Daniel. The purpose of the meeting was to explore how Stop TB Pakistan can engage with minorities and motivate them to participate in the fight against TB. Read more....

Consultation Meeting to Develop Stop TB Pakistan’s Work Plan 2016-17
Submitted by the Stop TB Pakistan

On 3rd June 2016, in Islamabad, The Stop TB Pakistan National Partnership held a consultation meeting to develop their work plan for 2016-17. The meeting aimed to align Stop TB Pakistan with the Global Stop TB Partnership’s Global Plan to End TB 2016- 2020 and was called after reviewing the National Strategic Plan 2020 of the National TB Programme (NTP) in this light. Read more....

Support by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) to Stop TB Pakistan for a health project

A meeting of Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) was held in the Federation House at Clifton Karachi on the 26th of May. Dr. Syed Sharaf Ali Shah presented the Stop TB Pakistan’s role, vision and mission in the light of the "Global Plan to End TB: The Paradigm Shift 2016 -2020" of the Stop TB Partnership Global, Geneva-Switzerland. Dr. Zubair Mirza and Mr. Muhammad Hanif Gohar on behalf of the FPCCI assured their full support for the national cause. Mr. Hanif Gohar talking on the occasion said that FPCCI will give a health project to National Partnership. Read more....

Stop TB Pakistan and National TB Control Program participation in the "CHESTCON 2016" Biennial conference of the Pakistan Chest Society
Submitted by the Stop TB Pakistan

Pakistan Chest Society, a partner of the national Partnership , Stop TB Pakistan , every second year organizes a mega event, the biennial conference known as “CHESTCON. This year CHESTCON was organized at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore-Punjab, Pakistan. Stop TB Pakistan in coordination with the National TB Control Program Pakistan and STP’s Provincial Office Punjab, participated and hold a stall for advocacy and lobbying. The mega event offers a wonderful opportunity for STP & NTP to lobby with the national & international visiting delegates. Information on TB was shared in both, printed and visual form. Dr. Ejaz Qadeer, Manager, NTP and Dr. Iqtidar Ahmed (Executive Secretary, Hon.) STP met with the stakeholders and visitors and had several meetings on various issues relating to TB control in Pakistan. They distributed the printed materials among visitors and answered their queries.

A small poster with huge difference - World TB Day 24th March 2016 Poster by Saylani Welfare International Trust Pakistan
Submitted by the Stop TB Pakistan

Karachi 24th March 2016:Philanthropists in are playing a major role in Pakistani society by facilitating poor and the needy ones. Our partner Saylani Welfare International Trust is serving the poor and the distressed people of our society since 5th May 1999. Saylani Welfare International Trust has organized 63 different sectors to sort out the problems of the ones who are in need. The poster displayed at the left side of this paper is a small gesture in support of both the cause and for the sake of public awareness regarding Tuberculosis (TB). The effort may look small but the message is far reaching into our society. The poster will serve to boost a far reaching effect and creates curiosity amongst the common man to know more about the TB disease. We are thankful to the organizers of Saylani Welfare International Trust for helping the local & international authorities in spreading the voice against TB. Stop TB Pakistan and Saylani Welfare International Trust together, are planning to jointly hold future projects for control over TB, all over Pakistan.

Newsletter from Stop TB Pakistan’s Punjab, Sind, KPK & Baluchistan Provincial Offices on 24th March 2016 "World TB Day"
Submitted by the Stop TB Pakistan

Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) recently completed its first phase of expansion, by assigning Provincial Coordinators & Focal Persons in four provinces of Pakistan i.e., Sindh, Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan. As such, the new coordinators and focal persons immediately after taking responsibilities got involved in the preparations of the World TB Day celebrations. In this connection, World TB Day programs i.e., walk-a-cause, rallies, meetings etc., were organized by the newly assigned coordinator and focal persons in their respective provinces in coordination with their respective PTPs and NGOs working for control over spread of TB diseases. This year the focus was on "End TB" strategy and slogan, raised by the world community. In their speeches and talks, STP coordinators and focal persons emphasized that, Pakistan is a high TB burden country and lots of work still needs to be done, both at private and public level. A coordinated effort of all sections of the Pakistani society is absolutely essential, including political leadership.

World TB Day 2016 in Pakistan

Submitted by the Stop TB Pakistan

Newsletter 25th March 2016, Karachi-Pakistan:Every year 24th March is commemorated all over the world as "World TB Day". This year it became special due to the slogan of "End TB", the change in global strategy popularly known as Paradigm Shift. The global slogan to END TB has provided a great deal of motivation to the general public and especially organizations involved in social mobilization against the spread of TB diseases in Pakistan. The same spirit was observed in the general public during Walk-a-Cause at Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan. Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) participated with its contingent and banners printed with "END TB" slogans. This year the encouraging aspect for the Stop TB Pakistan was the participation of the philanthropists and corporate entrepreneurs in numbers. Mr. Nasir Rizwan Hashmi (Businessman) & Coordinator Corporate & Business Group STP along with Prof., Masood Hameed Khan, Chairman STP lead the Walk. Large number of youth and students from the schools and colleges, besides general public participated in the Walk-a-Cause. Mrs. Reema Khan (Pakistan Celebrity, Film Star) was the Chief Guest of the Walk-a-Cause.

Read more of the World TB Day events in Pakistan

Newsletter - March 2016, Karachi:

A meeting of the Executive Committee of Stop TB Pakistan (National Partnership) was held on 3rd March 2016 at Hotel Regent Plaza, Karachi. The meeting was chaired by Prof.Masood Hameed Khan, Chairman, STP and Chief Patron, Mr. Muhammad Shabbir (entrepreneur)was the guest of honour. The meeting was organized to review Fund Raising Campaign, Calendar of Events 2016 of STP, expansion & further organization in the entire country and Formation of Technical Working Group of STP. Read more....

Expansion of the Stop TB Pakistan

Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan

Stop TB Pakistan registered as an independent entity in 2015 and are continuously striving to maximize the participation from all corners and expanding the national platform in the entire country.

Currently they have assigned provincial coordinators and focal persons in four provinces of Pakistan, i.e., Sindh, Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan. The provincial coordinators and focal persons will play a vital role in organizing Stop TB Pakistan in all provinces and shall open fully functional offices with coordination of the national office. In order to assign them their responsibilities, Stop TB Pakistan had organized an Executive Committee Meeting in Karachi on 3rd March 2016 at the Regent Plaza Hotel.

Participants from the civil society, Mr. Muhammad Shabbir, Chairman, Gulf Mineral FZE (Pvt.), Ltd. Chief Patron of Stop TB Pakistan and Mr. Nasir Rizwan Hashmi, enterprenuer and coordinator of the corporate & business group of the Partnership also took part in the deliberations. The meeting was successful in meeting the objectives set forth. The provincial coordinators and technical focal person were extremely motivated and provided their input regarding provincial offices setup. They are eager to take the responsibility of organizing the Stop TB Pakistan in their respective provinces. Besides this, there were various important matters discussed and finalized. Stop TB Pakistan is moving ahead and have gained remarkable ground in the short space of time including engagement with the corporate & business sector

Meeting of the Core Group of Stop TB Pakistan held on 19th November 2015:

November 19, 2015 Karachi-Pakistan: A meeting of the Core Group of the Stop TB Pakistan was held on 19th November 2015 at Dow International Medical College, Ojha Campus. The meeting was chaired by Prof., Masood Hameed Khan and attended by the core group members, Dr. Sharaf Ali Shah (Vice Chairman), Dr. Iqtidar Ahmed (Executive Secretary Hon.), Dr. Shahina Qayyum (Treasurer Hon.), Dr. Mirza Saifullah Baig (Technical Coordinator), Mr. Arif Zuberi (Media Coordinator) and guest observer Mr. Nasir Rizwan Hashmi (Businessman). Read more....

Parliamentarians Leading the Fight against Tuberculosis in Pakistan.
News from Stop TB Partnership Pakistan, 6th July 2015, Quetta, Balochistan-Pakistan

Stop TB Partnership Pakistan in coordination with Provincial TB Programme Balochistan organized the second meeting of the five designed to engage Pakistan's political leadership for control of Tuberculosis in Pakistan. The meeting was held at Quetta Serena Hotel on 6th July 2015. This meeting was attended by a group of Parliamentarians lead by the Honorable Minister for Health, Government of Balochistan, Mr. Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch. During the meeting, Barcelona Declaration was signed by the Minister for Health and other MPA's from the Province. At the end of the meeting, in his speech Mr. Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch assured his full support for the legislation in the province of Balochistan for control of TB.

This is the second successful meeting of its kind held in Pakistan, where parliamentarians have shown there over whelming support for the cause and signed the Barcelona Declaration.

World TB Day 2015 in Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

Stop TB Partnership Pakistan in coordination with Punjab Tuberculosis Programme (PTP), Sindh and Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases Karachi Pakistan celebrated the World TB Day 2015. Read more....

News from Stop TB Partnership Pakistan, Karachi dated 15-04-2015

A series of meetings "Parliamentarians Leading the Fight against Tuberculosis in Pakistan" is being organized by Stop TB Partnership Pakistan in coordination with PTP Sindh designed to engage Pakistan's political leadership in the fight against TB, keeping in view the Barcelona Declaration. The first of these meetings was held in Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi with Parliamentarians of Sindh Province and was attended by the Chief Guest, Syeda Shahla Raza, Deputy Speaker, Sindh Assembly along with Minister for Industries & Chairman of the Health Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki, representatives of the Parliamentarians Women Caucus and other MPAs of Sindh Assembly. All the participating Parliamentarians took keen interest in the briefing provided by the representatives of the WHO EMRO Cairo-Egypt via video link followed by NTP & PTP Sind representatives. Leading the parliamentarians, Syeda Shahla Raza Deputy Speaker, Sindh Assembly assured firm commitment and future cooperation towards the cause. During the meeting Barcelona Declaration was signed by the Parliamentarians.

First National TB Patient Symposium in Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan - November 2014

The National TB Control Program (NTP), Ministry of National Health Services Regulation & Coordination organized a First National TB Patient Symposium on 23 October 2014 in Islamabad. More than 80 people with TB from all over the provinces, Provincial TB Control Managers, leading Public health experts, pulmonologists and media representatives attendedTB the Symposium. Read more....

TB is a notifiable disease in the province of Sindh in Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan - November 2014

The legislative assembly of Province of Sindh in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 10th November 2014 passed the Act titled as Sindh Tuberculosis Notification Act, 2014 (making TB notifiable disease). Read more....

Recommendations from the experience sharing workshop of three high burden countries
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan, July 2014

The first experience sharing workshop among three high TB burden countries i.e., Pakistan, Indonesia & Philippines was held on the 11th - 12th May 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . Participants included the NTP Managers of Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, experts from national Stop TB Partnerships of Pakistan, Indonesia & Philippines and experts from Private Bodies i.e., Pakistan Chest Society, Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi Pakistan, China's University of Hong Kong and Pfizer GEP Global Clinical Affairs Department (New York, USA) who shared their experiences working on TB care and control. This workshop was organized by Stop TB Partnership Pakistan in coordination with M/S Pfizer, Pakistan.

Recommendations from the workshop included role of national TB partnerships in care delivery, Advocacy and improving financing for TB and the role of corporate sector in TB control and suggestions of what each sector can do to improve TB care and control. Read more....

Experience sharing among three high burden countries- Pakistan, Indonesia and Philippines

Stop TB Partnership Pakistan & National Tuberculosis Programme Pakistan in coordination with Pfizer Pharmaceutical Pakistan arranged and organized a two day experience sharing workshop among three high TB burden countries Pakistan, Indonesia & Philippines on the 11 and 12 May 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read more....

"Walk-a-cause" : Commemoration of World TB Day in Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Partnership Pakistan- March 2014

A "Walk-a-Cause" was organized by the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases, DUHS, Karachi in collaboration with Stop TB Partnership Pakistan to commemorate the World TB Day 2014. Read more.

Pharmaceutical companies meet with NTP and national partnership in Pakistan
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan - December 2013

In November 2013 pharmaceutical companies and Dow University of Health Sciences, Institute of Biological, Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences held a meeting to discuss the importance of management and standardization of drugs manufactured in Pakistan according to WHO guidelines and standards. Read more.

Stop TB Partnership Pakistan present at The Union Conference in Paris
Submitted by the Stop TB Partnership Pakistan - December 2013

The Stop TB Partnership Pakistan attended the 44th Annual Conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease held in Paris in November 2013. The Partnership hosted a booth for the entire duration of the Conference. In addition, Dr S. Karam Shah, medical officer, WHO Country Office in Afghanistan, received the Princess Chichibu Award (Government of Japan) for his services in the control of tuberculosis in Pakistan.

Stop TB Pakistan held the first meeting of the Coordinating Board
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan - April 2013

Stop TB Partnership Pakistan (revived) held successfully the 1st meeting of the Board of Partners and Sub Committees and organized a walk-a-cause. Read more. Read notes.

Boy Scout Association actively celebrates World TB Day
Submitted by Stop TB Pakistan - March 2013

Boy Scouts and other local and international NGOs, partner organizations, and school children attended the advocacy seminar and actively participated in the awareness walk on World TB Day. Read more.

Making Strides in ACSM in Pakistan
Submitted by Pakistan Stop TB Partnership - August 2011

Three separate ACSM orientation sessions were held in Pakistan to train partners in the public and private sectors. The first was an advocacy and communication training on writing stories about patients successfully completing TB treatment. The other orientation sessions were for training young volunteers on TB-related issues and educating members of the provincial assembly about TB to motivate them to implement DOTS programs in their districts.
Read more [.pdf].

Regional partnership:

The Eastern Mediterranean Partnership to Stop TB coordinates joint planning and action for TB prevention, care and control. More information about the regional partnership can be found at their website.

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