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The National Stop TB Partnership in the Philippines

Philippines Coalition against Tuberculosis (PhilCAT): In 1993, during the Eastern Regional Meeting of the IUATLD, the Filipino delegates were made aware of the severity of the TB crisis in the Philippines, and so they resolved to unite and help the government program. The idea of a coalition composed of all TB interest groups in the country was very well received and so all volunteered to be part of the group that would establish the coalition. In June 1994, the representatives of the major anti-TB groups in the Philippines assembled in the office of the Undersecretary of Health. Each signed a document confirming their organization’s commitment to join the coalition. Months of hard work and sensitive diplomacy brought together the principal stakeholders in Philippine TB control in a coalition with a common goal, that of TB Control. A new open-mindedness among stakeholders in TB control in the Philippines emerged, and PhilCAT promised to be a forum for the discussion of important issues in TB control. Major founding members were the Department of Health (DOH) TB Control Service leading specialty societies of chest physicians, infectious disease specialist and pharmaceutical industry representatives. From an original group of 12 member organizations, PhilCAT has currently 60 member organizations.

Primary contact
Name: Ms Amelia Sarmiento
Function in the partnership: Executive Secretary
Organization: Philippine Coalition Against Tuberculosis (PhilCat)
Web site:
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News from the partnership:

Public and private sector cooperation leads to signing of a manifesto against TB
Submitted by PhilCAT - February 2011

On two separate occasions, government health workers, national government agency representatives and private physicians from 22 provinces signed the manifesto of support for the public-private mix DOTS (PPMD) initiative, in an intensified effort to combat the deadly yet curable disease, tuberculosis. Read more [.pdf].

Public-Private Mix DOTS initiative gives hope to Mamanwas
Submitted by PhilCAT - February 2011

Tuberculosis is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity among the Mamanwa communities in Surigao del Norte. For this, the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) in the province has sought the involvement of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) agency to strengthen the campaign against TB, especially among vulnerable groups like the Mamanwas. Read more [.pdf].

TB in the Philippines
  • The current situation and the progress made in TB control in the Philippines can be found here. [.pdf]
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  • Technical assistance in the Philippines is coordinated through the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism.