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The National Stop TB Partnership in Viet Nam

Vietnam Stop TB Partnership (VSTP): In 2010, the Vietnam Stop TB Partnership (VSTP) was officially established. VSTP partners include governmental institutions (such as Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Military Medical Department of the Ministry of Defence, HIV/AIDS control administration of the Ministry of Health), community institutions (such as Women’s Union, Farmer’s Union, Vietnam Medical Association, Vietnam Youth Association, Centers for Community Health Development) , and international organizations (such as KNCV, MCNV, WHO, WB, UICTMR, GF, CDC, USAID, PATH). VSTP's activities aim to support the NTP by responding to their needs. The main problems are TB patient detection and DOTS implementation, especially in the remote, mountainous and border areas. VSTP collaborates with partners to reach 38 million people - almost half the population of Viet Nam - with advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns.

Primary contact
Name: Dr Nguyen Dinh Huong
Function in the partnership: Member of Standing Committee
Organization: Vietnam Association against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (VATLD)
Web site:
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News from the partnership:

Workshop on implementation of New TB Drug and Regimen for Drug Resistant TB Treatment in Vietnam

A workshop on implementation of new TB drug Bedaquiline and the regimen for drug resistant TB Treatment in Vietnam was held at the Vietnam National Lung hospital on December 15 as part of partnership project implemented by National TB Control Program, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Janssen Therapeutics of Johnson & Johnson Read more... [.pdf].

6th National Scientific Conference on Lung Health

Submitted by Stop TB Partnership Viet Nam

The 6th National Scientific Conference on Lung Health hosted by Vietnam association against Tuberculosis & Lung diseases and Vietnam National Lung hospital, was held at Eden Plaza in Danang, Vietnam on 21-22 August 2015. The conference theme was "Good control of respiratory diseases from hospital to community" which was a continuation of APRC2013’s theme "Optimal use of new technology and approach in Lung health".

The conference welcomed A/Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen - Vice Minister of Ministry of Health, Prof. Pham Manh Hung - president of Vietnam Medical Association; A/Prof. Dinh Ngoc Sy - president of Vietnam Association Against TB and Lung diseases (VATLD), A/Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhung - Manager of the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) cum Director of National Lung Hospital, with the participation of over 700 delegates, including representatives of the provincial NTPs, nation-wide and international organizations/associations/NGOs such as PATH, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), FIND, KNCV, PSI, WHO, Woolcock, Vietnam Women Union, Vietnam Farmer Union . The conference also attracted many pharmaceutical firms & medical equipment companies exhibiting their products and advertising their trademark, which was a good opportunity for all delegates in exchanging research and practical information in TB and lung diseases. Read more... [.pdf].

Submitted by the Vietnam Stop TB Partnership - March 2014

The Vietnam National Strategy for Tuberculosis Control to 2020 with vision to 2030 was approved by the Prime Minister

With more than 50 years of implementation, TB control in Viet Nam has been for the first time declared a national strategy. The National Strategy for Tuberculosis Control to 2020 with vision to 2030 (link to attached) was approved by the Prime Minister on 17th March 2014, showing strong political commitment and acknowledging great efforts of the national TB control network on the occasion of the 2014 World TB Day. The Strategy confirms that “The State takes the major responsibility of ensuring adequate resources for TB prevention and control, while mobilizing every social resource to support TB prevention and control activities". Read more.

Update on the National TB Control Programme in Vietnam
Submitted by the Vietnam Stop TB Partnership - November 2013

The Vietnam Stop TB Partnership has sent an update on the resource situation for the national tuberculosis control programme. This is a summary of the difficulties, challenges and recommendations. Read more.

The Vietnam Stop TB Partnership held its 6th meeting
Submitted by the Vietnam Stop TB Partnership - January 2012

The Vietnam Stop TB Partnership held its 6th meeting on 9 December 2011. Around 40 partners participated and reported on recent activities, while new partners were welcomed, including the Vietnam Veteran Association. Partners listened to the debriefing on the evaluation of the TB control programme 2006-2011 and on a new strategy for TB high risk and vulnerable populations. Health education material was shared by the Center for Community Development.

TB in Viet Nam
  • The current situation and the progress made in TB control in Viet Nam can be found here. [.pdf]
  • Global Fund grants currently in progress in Viet Nam can be found here.
  • Technical assistance in Viet Nam is coordinated through the TB Technical Assistance Mechanism.