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The TB TEchnical Assistance Mechanism

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Country:Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Multiple country event:No
Start date:14 October 2013
End date:14 November 2013
Estimated duration:30 days
Status:Completed - Complété
 (The mission has taken place)

Title:Comprehensive epidemiological situation assessment of TB in Timor-Leste
Terms of Reference:Despite considerable progress and achievement of targets for TB control in Timor Letse,there is uncertainty on the actual TB disease burden in absence of reliable surveys carried out in the country.
1. As a pre-assessment to the proposed prevalence survey, carry out a comprehensive TB epidemiologial assessment by reviewing the available documents and data in the country
2. Onsite situational analysis regarding the disease burden in the country
3.Come up with comprehensive report on the epidemiological assessment and recommendation of focus during the proposed prevalence survey.
Training Opportunity:No
Purpose 1:Other
Purpose 2: 
Purpose 3: 
Other purpose:

Entered by:National TBTEAM
Partner 1:WHO/SEARO
Partner 2:WHO/CO
Partner 3:
Contact name:Dr. Lungten Z. Wangchuk
Other agencies: 

Funding needs:No
Funding source: NA
Other funding source:
Available funding:$ 22,000
Funding gap:$ 0
Global Fund reference: 

Comments:A TB epidemiologist is highly preferred.

Deadline for applications is 1 October.

Please send cv to

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Date Created: 17 September 2013
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