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Organization name:KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
Organization type:NGO - International TB
Description:KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is a leading health development organization based in The Hague, the Netherlands. KNCV was founded in 1903 as an umbrella organization for Dutch TB control, retaining its role in domestic TB control to this very day. KNCV since the 70s also focuses on combating tuberculosis globally. Its stated mission is to promote effective and efficient tuberculosis control in a both national and international context. KNCV has activities in four areas: policy development, technical assistance and country program support, human resource development and training, operational and epidemiological research.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation has a highly qualified staff, many of whom possess advanced degrees and in-depth experience in medicine, nursing, public health, human resource development, epidemiology, research, ACSM, training, quality assurance systems, surveillance, procurement, IT, project management, drug management, financial administration, public relations, fund raising and documentation. Many KNCV staff members have working/living experience throughout the developing world. Countries in which KNCV is active include: Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mexico, Moldova, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Philippines, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Surinam, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia. At international level KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation serves as the prime contractor for the USAID-funded TBCARE Project, which provides administrative, managerial, and technical assistance to 18 countries and the international TB community. For TBCARE, KNCV manages the coalition of eight prominent partners (Union, FHI, MSH, CDC, WHO, ATS, JATA and KNCV).
Contact name:R. L'Herminez
Contact email:L';

Technical focus area(s): Drug Procurement and Supply Management
General TB experts
Multi- and Extensively Drug Resistant TB (MDR/XDR-TB)
TB/HIV co-infection

Current projects with TB component:All projects where KNCV is involved have a TB component.

Countries with TB-related work currently underway: Azerbaijan

List of countries in which you have offices: Botswana
Dominican Republic
Viet Nam

Illustrative list of TA providers and areas of expertise:Dr. Jacques van den Broek

• Tuberculosis and Leprosy control and program
• Community Based TB Care
• Data management, including electronic
• Developing and facilitating training courses
• Quality of TB Care
• Health Systems Research workshops
• Logical Framework Planning workshops
• Geographical Information Systems
• TB Drugs management

Dr. Agnes Gebhard

• Tuberculosis control within the context of an
integrated approach to public health
• Assisting in the development of country-
specific TB control plans
• Assisting countries applying to the Green
Light Committee
• Laboratory capacity building
• TB control in prisons
• Developing and facilitating training courses
on participatory methods in situational
assessments,planning and supportive
• Quality of TB Care/patient centred approaches
• Clinical aspects of TB control and their
relevance for program design
• Operational research

Dr. Jeroen van Gorkom

• Planning, implementation, monitoring and
evaluation of TB and TB/HIV projects
• TB/HIV collaborative activities
• Health Sector Reform and Sector Wide Approach
• Community-based DOT(S)
• Surveillance for HIV in TB patients and MDR-TB

Dr. Netty Kamp

• Management TB programs,including needs
assessment/situational analysis,strategic
planning,data management and M&E
• Advocacy, Communication and Social
Mobilization (ACSM) and Community Involvement
in TB Care and Prevention
• TB/HIV management and training
• Develop and facilitate trainings and
strengthen supervision systems & skills
• Proposal developing for GFATM or other donors
• Health systems strengthening and integration
of the different components of the TB program
in the health system
• Public-public and public-private partnerships

Dr. Amos Kutwa

• Management TB programs, including policy
• Develop and implement trainings and strengthen
supervision skills
• Proposal writing for GFATM
• Development guidelines
• Operational research

Dr. Vincent Kuyvenhoven

• Management of TB control programs, including
planning,implementation,monitoring and
• TB control policy development in high and low
incidence settings
• TB control in penitentiary institutions
• Infection control
• Quality of TB care

Dr. Rene L'Herminez

• National TB Control strategic planning, policy
development and implementation
• TB Program Assessment
• Organization and management of TB laboratory
services including QC and EQA
• Management of all DOTS core activities
including drug supply management,supply
management of other commodities,M&E systems
development including supervision and data
management, financial management and
reporting, HR management and performance
• Expert in DOTS expansion, TB-HIV, Urban TB
control,Public Private Partnerships,Community
TB Care, TB control in marginalized and hard
to reach communities, TB and health systems

Dr. Svetlana Pak

• Tuberculosis control in prisons and program
• Project development
• Project implementation
• TB control Action Plan development at the
national and province levels
• National TB policy documents development
• Strengthening laboratory service in prisons
• Strengthening collaboration between civil and
prison TB services
• Training materials development, facilitating
training courses
• Health education and advocacy

Dr. Jerod Scholten

• Tuberculosis epidemiology, monitoring and
• TB surveillance including TB/HIV and MDR/TB
• Laboratory strengthening
• HIV-related tuberculosis
• Prison health
• TB control policy development
• Drug supply and management strengthening
• Operational research

Dr. Jan Voskens

• Technical assistance to National TB Control
Programs in the fields of strategic planning,
policy development, project implementation,
monitoring and evaluation
• Organisation and management of TB laboratory
services including QC and EQA
• Management of all DOTS core activities
including drug management, management of other
commodities, supervision, monitoring and
evaluation,data management,financial
management and reporting, HR management and
performance improvement.
• Specialised in strategic planning for human
resource development,Urban TB control,
Public Private Partnerships, Community TB
Care, TB control in marginalized and hard to
reach communities

HRD consultants

Mrs. Marleen Heus

Mrs. Ieva Leimane

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