Stop TB Partnership

Procurement & Supply

Procurement and Supply is managed by a core team supported by contracted procurement agents, freight forwarders, quality control agents, insurance underwriters and suppliers, all selected through international competitive processes.

Orders are processed and managed in GDF's electronic Order Management System, a real-time, web-based order/quotation request and tracking tool, with document management functionality.

Six monthly order forecasts are provided to suppliers to enable production planning and foster shortest overall delivery lead times.

GDF works closely with a range of supply chain management partners and hosts annual stakeholder meetings.

QA Notifications:

October 2019 - Voluntary recall of Cycloserine 125mg capsules from Macleods

September 2019 - Field Notice for SUB-D reagent contained in several kits manufactured by Hain

June 2019 - TGF Position on the UK MHRA Statement of non-compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Micro Labs, Unit ML 03 , Hosur

May 2019 - Voluntary Recall Initiated by Macleods for Moxifloxacin 100mg DT BN BMC5801A

April 2019 - Suspension of manufacturing activities at Micro Labs Limited