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GDF Products List

GDF aims to ensure the timely delivery of first- and second-line tuberculosis drugs and diagnostics at sustainable prices.

The Product List displays the highest and lowest product prices offered by GDF's principal suppliers. For the majority of products, GDF maintains long-term agreements with multiple suppliers, with target market share allocations depending on supplier status (primary/secondary/tertiary/quaternary). Allocations and supplier status may vary depending on performance, product status and other criteria monitored by GDF and its Procurement Agent. GDF and its Procurement Agent also hold contracts with back-up suppliers and occasionally, products from these suppliers are offered by GDF. Prices of these products may deviate from the range shown in the Catalogue. For budget purposes, GDF clients are strongly advised to utilise the highest product prices displayed in the List.

You can browse our products price list online and click here for information on Bedaquiline.

Prices are valid until*:

  • First Line Medicines, Medical Devices: 31 December 2016
  • Second Line Medicines: 31 March 2017
  • Diagnostics: 31 December 2015

* Prices may be subject to change in exceptional cases

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The benefits of GDF quality-assured products

GDF products enable physicians to treat patients according to the latest WHO treatment guidelines. All GDF products are on the WHO Essential Medicines List, which facilitates registration and importation. The use of Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) tablets greatly contributes to rational drug use and assists in effective implementation and expansion of the STOP TB Strategy. FDC tablets reduce the number of tablets a patient needs to take, while avoiding mono-therapy and thereby reduce the risks of developing Multidrug-Resistant TB (MDR-TB).

GDF has adopted standards for blister design which specify the layout, materials, markings and colour coding that should be used. These blister packs offer the same shelf life as loose drugs at similar or lower costs, help health workers identify the drugs needed, provide better protection for the tablets once the container is opened and can be used in all situations and health facilities.

Pre-shipment inspection is conducted on all orders by an international agency, independent of the manufacturer, to verify the shipment documentation, quantity and integrity of products, labelling and expiry dates. Randomized sampling and testing is conducted by an accredited laboratory to ensure that batches comply with established quality specifications.

For many products, GDF has multiple suppliers and cheaper prices may be available upon a request for quotation, in addition to consolidation of orders and bulk quantity discounts.


GDF is ISO 9001:2000 compliant for provision of quality-assured anti-TB drugs and related services to eligible national TB control programmes.