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GDF information on paediatric formulations

Based on the WHO recommended dosages of first-line anti-TB medicines for children and the availability of new, appropriately dosed formulations, the GDF has removed from its catalogue incorrectly dosed combinations of RHZ60/30/150 (Rifampicin 60 mg/Isoniazid 30 mg/Pyrazinamide 150 mg dispersible, film-uncoated tablets), RH60/30 (Rifampicin 60 mg/Isoniazid 30 mg dispersible, film uncoated tablets), and RH60/60 (Rifampicin 60 mg/Isoniazid 60 mg dispersible, film uncoated tablets). These formulations will no longer be available to countries for new orders as of January 1, 2017. GDF Staff will work directly with any countries that have current orders for old formulations.

New child-friendly fixed-dose dispersible formulations recommended by WHO for children weighing less than 25 kg are on the GDF catalogue and are immediately available for procurement: RHZ 75/50/150 (Rifampicin 75 mg/Isoniazid 50 mg/Pyrazinamide 150 mg dispersible tablets), and RH 75/50 (Rifampicin 75 mg/Isoniazid 50 mg dispersible tablets).

Countries are strongly encouraged to adjust their planned orders to the new formulations. Should a country require technical assistance in forecasting, quantification, and supply planning for the transition to new paediatric formulations, please contact your GDF focal point or write to GDF at

For more information on the WHO recommendations and facts about new paediatric formulations, please go to: