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Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) Tools

As part of GDF's technical assistance facilitation, providing key information is an important aspect of building countries' capacity in Procurement and Supply Management (PSM). This page is designed to provide NTP managers, Central Medical Store staff, and TGF Principal Recipients with a quick reference to strategic information on all aspects of the drug management cycle in order to make informed decisions related to anti-TB commodities. Moreover, as a large number of GDF clients are Global Fund recipients, the information below aims to help in the development of PSM plans.

Please do not hesitate to contact GDF if you have any questions on the information below.


Guidance For National Tuberculosis Programmes On The Management Of Tuberculosis In Children [.pdf]
WHO Treatment Of Tuberculosis Guidelines
WHO Policy On TB Infection Control In Health-Care Facilities, Congregate Settings And Households [.pdf] (Annexes [.pdf])
Guidelines For The Programmatic Management Of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis [.pdf]

Quality Assurance

GDF Quality Assurance Policy [.pdf]
Global Fund List Of Tuberculosis Pharmaceutical Products [.pdf]
Global Fund Quality Assurance Policy for Medicines
Global Fund Quality Assurance Policy for Diagnostics
Global Fund List of Countries with Stringent Regulatory Authorities [.pdf]
Global Drug Facility Packaging Guidelines [.pdf]
Global Drug Facility Drug Monitoring Programme Version 05 September 2018 [.pdf]



Treatment of tuberculosis in children - Rapid advice
WHO Technical Briefing Note to Switch to New Paediatric TB Formulations
GDF Rationale For Standardizing Anti-TB Drugs [.pdf]
Operational Guide For National TB Control Programs On The Introduction And Use Of FDCs [.pdf]

Global Fund PSM Plan

PSM Plan Template [.doc] (French [.doc])
Guide to the Global Fund's Policies on Procurement and Supply Management [.pdf] (French [.pdf])

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for more information on PSM development.


GDF is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the provision of quality assured anti-TB drugs and related services to eligible national TB control programmes.