Stop TB Partnership


Go to once you have completed the application form in Word-format and it is final to upload!

1. Click on the Create an Account tab in the red bar

2. Select the funding track you are applying for (CFCS)

3. Complete the all the information. Enter USD amount without "," (comma) or "." (other punctuation)

4. Ensure emails are correct as the system will email you a confirmation email to access the system.

5. The names of the manager and focal point for communication should be the same as in the application form as should be the amount requested from CFCS

6. Once you have completed the form you hit the Create your account button and check your email

7. You will then be able to access your account through the Login tab on the red bar

8. You must upload each file that you want the CFCS Selection Committee to review. All applications should be complete.

a. Select the file type of the file you are uploading (application form, registration certificate, etc.)

b. You can upload files on different days and you can delete and upload updated files if you want.

c. DO NOT upload files under different accounts for the same application.