Stop TB Partnership

Who can apply for the Challenge Facility

In order to be eligible for the Challenge Facility for Civil Society, applications must:

(be aware that in absence of one or more of the below the application becomes ineligible)

  • have documentation to confirm that it is a registered organization
  • have been operating for at least one full year according to date exhibited on registration certificate
  • be received by the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat along with all supporting documents before the application deadline
  • be duly filled out (with all required fields completed)
  • not exceed US$20,000 per proposal
  • propose a budget in which the proportion of funding spent on salary & administrative costs does not exceed 25% of the total budget. The rest of the funding should be spent on direct programme related activities (70%-75% on activities vs. not more than 25%-30% on salaries/admin)
  • not exceed 12 months duration
  • come from a country that has an active Global Fund grant for TB in 2014-16


If recipient of a previous grant, please add to the application the financial AND final report on what was achieved using the funds received

Organizations that have individuals as members of the CFCS Selection Committee are not eligible to apply.