Stop TB Partnership

Luís Figo

Luis Figo

My Goal: Stopping Tuberculosis

Football has always been my passion, but I have another that is no less intense. I dream of a world where all people have the opportunity to be healthy and improve their quality of life. I dream of an even playing field for women, men and children everywhere.

Tuberculosis is an unfair foul in the game of life. There are about 9 million new cases of tuberculosis each year, most often striking people in their prime working years and imposing a heavy cost on families’ incomes. Children are vulnerable to tuberculosis as well, and the disease may force them out of school, limiting their future job prospects.

Tuberculosis is curable, but still it kills nearly 2 million people every year - almost 4500 people every single day. This is unacceptable.

This is why I have made a commitment to the global fight against tuberculosis. Please join my team - pick up the ball and run with me to stop tuberculosis.

-- Luís Figo
-- Goodwill Ambassador against Tuberculosis