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Global Plan launch photo
The Global Plan to Stop TB, 2006-2015 was launched in Davos, Switzerland on Friday, January 27 2006. (Above) From left to right:
HE Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria
Bill Gates Jr, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Marcos Espinal, Executive Secretary, Stop TB Partnership
Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer

News articles and press releases

$31 billion funding increase needed to prevent 14 million tuberculosis deaths by 2015
Gates Foundation pledges to triple tuberculosis funding over next decade

Read the full press release [.pdf]

Press release: The Treatment Action Group (TAG)
27 January 2006
TB/HIV Activists Support The Global Plan to Stop TB: 2006-2015
Plan Provides a Framework for Tackling TB/HIV, Developing New Tools to Control TB, and Increasing the Involvement of Affected Communities and People Living with TB
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BBC NEWS: Gates gives $600m more to stop TB
27 January 2006
By Tim Weber
Business editor, BBC News website, in Davos

BBC NEWS Analysis: 'Marathon' fight against TB
27 January 2006
By David Loyn
BBC Developing World correspondent

GUARDIAN NEWS: Gates pledges $900m to fight against TB
28 January 2006
By Larry Elliott in Davos and Sarah Boseley

GUARDIAN NEWS: Gates triples TB pledge to $900m
27 January 2006
By Mark Tran and agencies

FORBES NEWS: Microsoft's Gates Triples Funding For TB Eradication
27 January 2006
By Chris Noon
Assistant News Editor at

XINHUANET NEWS: Global plan to fight TB launched at Davos
27 January 2006

THE TIMES (UK): Brown pledges support to $56bn TB plan
27 January 2006
From Agencies, Davos

The Hindu: Gates pledges $900 million for TB eradication
28 January 2006


Speech of Dr Marcos Espinal at Davos press conference
"The Global Plan represents Actions for Life - Towards a World Free of TB. This Global Plan sets out clearly the actions needed to achieve the global targets for TB control and at what cost. The actions planned over the next 10 years build on a very solid track record of achievements."
Read the full speech [.pdf]

Speech of Dr Sarah England at Moscow press conference
"This launch of the Global Plan to Stop TB is a call for Actions for Life towards a world free of tuberculosis. Russia is hosting the G8 this year for the first time. The Stop TB Partnership is very pleased that infectious diseases are on the agenda and we congratulate Russia for this initiative. We call for the G8 to endorse this Global Plan to Stop TB, and for all of the more than 400 Stop TB partners to work together to save 14 million lives."
Read the full speech [.pdf]

Speech of Dr Mario Raviglione at Ottawa press conference
"Why a new plan for TB control? Simply, because it is un-acceptable that in 2006, in the era of globalization and communication, 1.7 million men and women, children and elderly, are killed from a disease that can be cured with drugs costing $15, and that 8.8 million people have to suffer yearly from a disease that should have been eliminated years ago."
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Video News Release (VNR), B-roll and video coverage

Global Plan to Stop TB press conference in Davos, Switzerland
27 January 2006
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BBC World Television
27 January 2006
Interview with Chris Dye, Stop TB, WHO Geneva (Windows Media format)

"Actions for Life" -- A short film on The Global Plan

Description: This short film, adapted from The Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-1015, dramatizes the opportunity we have before us to halt the spread of tuberculosis by 2015 and eliminate the disease in under 50 years. It outlines key points from the Global Plan document and presents a brief overview of the costs involved.

The film contains three parts:
Part One: The Opportunity
Part Two: The Plan
Part Three: The Cost

Produced by: John-Michael Maas/Darby Communications for The Stop TB Partnership

View the film

NOTE: The film has options for pause/play, volume and chapter controls that are accessible by mousing into the frame.

Information pack

The Global Plan information pack contextualizes the Global Plan and provides a dynamic and concise summary of the Plan's key messages for all audiences. The pack includes a brochure, several fact sheets and a CDROM containing key materials. The information pack can be found here.

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