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Irene KOEK
Chair Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board

Chair Emeritus Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board

The Stop TB Partnership is uniquely placed to promote and coordinate the comprehensive range of actions set out in this Plan. The Partnership's strength is its Partners and their track record of delivering results - the results of research and development and the results of providing effective TB care to those who need it. We are confident that all Partners will fulfil their joint commitment to maximizing their contribution to the implementation of the Plan. We urge all those involved in funding activities to Stop TB to invest in this Plan. Working together, we can Stop TB and make a dramatic difference to the lives of millions of people.

Excerpt from the Foreword to the Global Plan to Stop TB

Dr LEE Jong-wook
Director-General, World Health Organization

The consensus reached on the directions for the new plan demonstrates the strength of successful partnership. That clarity of purpose, combined with a firm commitment to share responsibility for achieving the long-term goals, is an essential resource for the implementation of the Plan. It makes full use of the present evidence-based scientific tools, and sets up the research requirements and timetable for improved and affordable diagnostic tools, drugs and vaccines.

Excerpt from the Preface to the Global Plan to Stop TB

Minister of Health,
Democratic Republic of Congo

As Minister of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo, I pledge our support to the Global Partnership to Stop TB. With 9 million cases and 2 million deaths each year, the global tuberculosis epidemic is one of the most important global humanitarian and development challenges. We recognize the Global Plan as a comprehensive assessment of the action and resources needed to meet the Stop TB Partnership's global targets for 2015. This is a critical contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and eventually to the realization of a world free of tuberculosis.

Excerpt from the Statement of support to the Global Plan to Stop TB

Hilary BENN
U.K. Secretary of State for International Development

Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development

One of the most significant areas in which human development can be improved is through the elimination of a preventable disease. TB is a disease of the poor. It is a disease which prevents people from escaping poverty. Investment in TB control is therefore an investment not only in alleviating human suffering from TB but also in alleviating poverty. An investment in the Global Plan to Stop TB is a sound one. We call on all nations to mobilize the resources needed to implement the Global Plan to Stop TB, as part of investments in strengthening health systems and improving health care delivery.

Excerpt from the Statement of support to the Global Plan to Stop TB

Bill Gates Jr
Co-Chair. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"This Plan makes a compelling case for greater investment in TB. We're willing to triple our funding for TB, and we urge others to do the same."

-- Global Plan launch, Davos, Switzerland, 27 January 2006

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer

"If 2005 was the year of commitment then 2006 must be the year of delivery."

"I hope that the G8 will make fighting TB a top priority."

-- Global Plan launch, Davos, Switzerland, 27 January 2006

HE Olusegun Obasanjo
President of Nigeria

"We hope that the African Union will endorse this Plan, and call upon African governments to commit their share of resources needed to implement it."

-- Global Plan launch, Davos, Switzerland, 27 January 2006

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"I know how debilitating this disease can be. I contracted TB at the age of 14 and was hospitalized for 20 months. I'm here to witness that TB is a curable and preventable disease. ... Treating patients and saving lives is a moral and ethical imperative. We need you to help, we have a global partnership, a global strategy and a new Global Plan, help us to stop TB!"

-- Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the Global Plan to Stop TB (Windows Media Format)

Vladimir Shakhrin,
Lead singer of the Russian rock group CHAIF
Russia's Goodwill Ambassador of the Stop TB Partnership

"There are great numbers of unfortunate people who have tuberculosis and many others who may contract the disease. We must let people know that there is help available. My task is to promote the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. I'll be like a bullhorn for the respected professionals at the Stop TB Partnership of WHO. Hopefully, the tandem of CHAIF and the Stop TB Partnership of WHO will change people's lives for the better."

-- Global Plan launch, Moscow, 27 January 2006

Read more [.pdf] | Visit Vladimir Shakhrin's web site

Stephen Lewis,
UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa

"I've seen lots of plans emerge from the international community but I've rarely seen a plan so carefully articulated and so forcefully put together as this one . Four hundred organizations attempting to treat 50 million people and save 14 million lives by 2015, cut the prevalence in half, cut the deaths in half. The Global Plan to Stop TB for 2006-2015 is an extraordinary initiative."

-- Global Plan launch, Ottawa, Canada, 27 January 2006

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