Stop TB Partnership

The Global Plan to End TB 2016 - 2020

The Global Plan is a 5-year investment plan that represents the roadmap to accelerating impact on the TB epidemic and reaching the targets of the WHO End TB Strategy.

This is the 4th Global Plan since the inception of Stop TB Partnership in 2000. This plan, based on the End TB strategy, aims to end TB and "walks away" from the limited approach aimed to "controlling" the diseases only. Specifically it speaks about preventing TB, active case finding and contact tracing, focusing attention to key vulnerable and marginalized groups, developing and roll out of new tools, and implementing TB services packages that are comprehensive and work in different type of epidemic and socioeconomic environments.

What is the investment needed?
  • US$ 65 billion globally
  • Of this, most is for implementation in countries
  • Of this, US$ 29.4 billion needed in Global Fund eligible countries.
  • Of this, US$ 9 billion needed to fund R&D for new tools - including diagnosis, drugs, drug regimens and vaccines.
What will the world achieve by investing in the Global Plan?
  • 45 million people prevented from getting TB
  • 29 million people treated
  • 10 million lives saved
  • US$ 1.2 trillion overall economic return on investment
  • US$ 85 return on each dollar invested