Stop TB Partnership

The TB Research Movement

Progress in global TB control is constrained by the lack of highly effective and widely accessible diagnostics, drugs and vaccines, and by the current weaknesses in many health systems that fail to guarantee their proper uptake and delivery, especially in the areas where they are needed most. To overcome these current barriers, an intensification of TB research across the full continuum - extending from fundamental to implementation/operational research - is urgently needed.

The Vision

The Research Movement has been launched by the Stop TB Partnership and the World Health Organization (WHO) to engage a broad alliance of TB researchers in a collaborative strategic effort to stimulate, support and expand research to ensure the global elimination of TB in the world by 2050.

The objectives

The Stop TB Partnership Research Movement has three main objectives:

  • to provide a forum for TB researchers and funders of TB research to coordinate their priorities and actions;
  • to lead on efforts to increase resources for TB research;
  • to work towards the development of a coherent and comprehensive global research roadmap towards TB elimination

During the last two years, the TB Research Movement has mobilized a wide collaboration of stakeholders involved in TB research and development, including academia, research institutions, public-private partnerships, donors, organizations and patients representatives, through various events (expert group meetings, workshops, symposia, communications, etc). This collaboration will help to scale and speed up TB research and most importantly, to link together basic research, the development of new tools, and operational research.

For the most recent activities of the TB Research Movement please have a look here.