Stop TB Partnership

Nominations open for
Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board
communities affected by TB representative election

Background Information

The Stop TB Partnership (STBP) is currently seeking nominations for one community representative position for the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board (CB) to serve from July 2011 to May 2013.

The CB is the governing body of the STBP. The CB provides leadership and direction, monitors the implementation of agreed policies, plans and activities of the Partnership, and ensures coordination among Stop TB Partnership components. For more information about the Stop TB Partnership’s Coordinating Board please click here. There are two elected seats for representatives of communities affected by TB on the CB.

Please see below for details of the Terms of References as well as who is eligible to apply. Deadline for submitting nominations is Sunday, 19 June 2011.

What are the Community Representatives' Roles and Responsibilities for the Coordinating Board of the STBP?
  1. Facilitating communication between the Working Group (WG) community representatives (there are 2 elected community representatives per WG) and the Coordinating Board.
  2. Strengthening and enhancing Coordinating Board's awareness of the relevant activities and concerns of the TB-affected communities Constituency (currently those partner organizations classified as "Patient Activist Group" under the STBP Partners' Directory).
  3. Organizing and prioritizing information about communities' issues through consultation with other CTF members and the Constituency to influence Partnership policies and activities.
  4. Ensuring that STBP is inclusive, responsive, and fosters meaningful participation by affected communities at all levels.
  5. Communicating Board, Partnership, and/or WG issues and activities to the TB-affected communities Constituency, soliciting their input, and bringing it back to the Board and Partnership.
  6. Building support for community viewpoints on the Working Group or Coordinating Board and securing support for Stop TB activities at a country level.
  7. Assisting Partnership in developing key strategic and policy positions.
What is the length of the term?

The length of term for each Board member representing communities affected by TB is two years with possibility of serving a total of two consecutive terms. In order for a representative to serve a second term, an election process will be conducted to ensure that the Constituency supports his/her second term.

What are the time requirements?
  • The CB has two annual meetings. These meetings are mandatory and will require at least 4 days plus travel.
  • Ad hoc and ongoing task forces are in existence at any given time.
  • Approximately four days a month (non-remunerable) should be allowed to work on Partnership activities.
Who is eligible to run for election?
  • Individuals who are able to fulfil the Terms of Reference of the Coordinating Board outlined above.
  • Representatives whose organizations have registered as partners in the Stop TB Partnership Partners' Directory under Organization Type "Patient Activist Group"1. As noted previously, this CB seat should represent the STBP Constituency of affected communities currently listed as Patient Activist Groups in the Directory.
  • Past or current Community Task Force (CTF) members (i.e. community representatives who have previously or are currently serving on one of the STBP's Working Groups).
  • The nominee must be from a non-governmental organization engaged in activism on TB or working in communities that have high burden of TB.
  • Eligible nominees must be transparent about any way in which they or close relations might benefit financially from serving on the STBP by completing a Declaration of Interest form (attached). Depending on the nature of the financial benefit, candidate might be ineligible to apply.
  • As community representatives need to be connected to a broader network of activists, each nominee must have at least one letter of support from a non-governmental organization they work in or are affiliated with.
  • For nominees who have or are currently serving as community representative in one of the STBP's Working Groups, they must have a letter of support from the leadership of their Working Group (either chair or secretariat) who will support their nomination.
  • May not have already served a full term on the STBP Coordinating Board.
  • All nominees must be fluent in English, both oral and written.

1 Please note that new STBP partners who register as of 7 June 2011 will not be eligible to nominate or to cast a vote in this election.

What are the steps to apply?

Please complete and send the following documents by 19 June 2011 to to be considered for this election.

(i) STBP Community Representative Self Nomination Form [.DOC]

(ii) Declaration of Interest Form [.DOC]

(iii) Mandatory Letters of Support:

  • All nominees must have at least one, but up to three (3) letters of support in English from organizations/ individuals supporting their nomination who have themselves worked on TB.
  • All nominees who have previously served, or are currently serving as community representative to a STBP WG must have a letter of support from the Working Group leadership (either Chairperson or Secretariat staff) that acknowledges their contribution while they served on the Working Group.
Voting in the Coordinating Board Election

i) Who is eligible to vote?

  • All Community Representatives who have served on the Stop TB Partnership WGs are eligible to vote
  • All organizations under the TB-affected community Constituency (i.e. partners in the STBP directory listed under organization type "Patient Activist Group").
  • Please note organizations who become partners after 6 June will not be eligible to vote.
  • Please also note that there is a limit of only one vote per organization.

ii) Voting Process

  • On 21 June, 2011 voting information will be sent to all eligible voters - CTF members plus organization focal points for the Constituency. Emails will be sent to the focal point contact that is listed in the Directory.
  • You will be able to cast your vote (one vote per organization) between 21-28 June 2011 to elect the next Coordinating Board community representative.