Stop TB Partnership

Sales from novel focused on TB research will benefit the Stop TB Partnership

22 March 2012 - To help celebrate World TB Day on March 24, P.C. Weber's novel "The Gift", is now on sale at all major online booksellers for just US$ 0.99 in the United States and at comparably low prices in over 30 other countries. This e-book edition can be viewed on virtually any electronic device, including e-readers, computers, tablets, and smart phones. The book is the first instalment in of Weber’s four-part Hanging by a Thread series, which tells the story of a young scientist who sets out to discover a new cure for tuberculosis.

All sales proceeds will be donated to the Stop TB Partnership via the UN Foundation. The publisher, LGC Publishing, is also unveiling "Understanding Tuberculosis," a new online presentation which covers the global TB epidemic. For more information visit the LGC Publishing website.