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eCompliance technology gains new ground to help in patient identification

24 July 2014 - India - Operation ASHA’s eCompliance technology featured at CAMTech (Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies). CAMTech's mission is to accelerate medical technology innovation and build entrepreneurial capacity to improve health outcomes in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). CAMTech was born out of a collaboration between The Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and a few other partners.

The showcase highlighted a few technologies from all over India, having potential to be scaled up or replicated in various community settings.

eCompliance, a portable biometric identification system capable of identifying each patient by their unique fingerprint and compiling patient adherence data. Whenever a new patient is enrolled, his fingerprints are saved in the system. The patient has to give a fingerprint every time s/he consumes a dose. This is an indisputable proof of the provider having met the patient.

eCompliance has been identified as a versatile application, which can easily be customised to suit the local requirements of a country. This month the application was customised for replication in Kenya. The implementation is being done in collaboration with Columbia University. The project is being piloted with 9 eCompliance tablets.

The application has also been translated into multiple languages for health workers and patients convenience, ie. Hindi, English and Khmer.