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Recently published: 2013 Surveillance Report on TB in the Netherlands

22 February 2015 - In the last decade the number of TB patients in the Netherlands (848, with an annual incidence of 5.1 per 100,000 in 2013) has declined with 38%. The 2013 surveillance report on TB epidemiology and treatment outcomes in the Netherlands focuses on the epidemiology of risk groups for TB and the geographic distribution of TB in the Netherlands.

The risk of TB is high among the foreign born population from endemic areas, up to 500 times higher than the native Dutch population in some groups, even more than 2-3 years after arrival in the Netherlands. The national Committee for Practical TB control is considering how to improve prevention of TB among foreign born risk populations.

The surveillance report is published annually by the Center for Infectious Disease Control Netherlands/RIVM in collaboration with KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation. The first surveillance data for 2014 are anticipated in the coming weeks.

More on Tuberculosis in The Netherlands 2013 (English abstract on page 9).