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Novosibirsk Tuberculosis Research Institute holds Young Scientists’ TB Conference

09 February 2015 - The Novosibirsk Tuberculosis Research Institute (NTRI) today held an interregional young scientists’ conference. It was dedicated to Russian Science Day, and forum participants were young researchers from Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Zabaikalsky Krai. Welcoming the participants, the Director of NTRI, Professor Vladimir A. Krasnov said. "The Conference of Young Scientists, which our institute held on for the third time on the official day of Russian science, has become to be a good tradition. But it is even more gratifying that the conference overstepped the scope of the institute and has become interregional, combining the different research institutions of Siberia and the Far East. For young scientists it is very important to present the results of their work in front of a big scientific audience as often as possible. It helps to establish new connections in the professional community, and that is important as well as developing public speaking skills".

Deputy Director for Science, Tatyana I. Petrenko underlined that the Conference of Young Scientists, organized by the Institute had a unique format: the forum provides an opportunity to debate on each of the stated themes. In addition, competition among young scientists’ research works is held in three categories: "scientific topic novelty"; "problem solving originality" and "practical significance".

In this year’s conference, 17 reports were announced: modern immunological methods for tuberculosis diagnosis; surgical treatment of TB - development of new approaches and modification of already known; differential diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis on dispensary stage; improving the efficiency of detection and treatment of TB- infection in children; searching for ways to immune response stimulation in TB patients; and personalized approach to TB patients treatment.

The winner in the nomination "Scientific topic novelty" became the youngest participant, a 4th year student from the Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk) - Vadim Poletika. Despite the researcher’s young age at 21, his work "The secretion of cytokines that determine Th17-lymphocytes differentiation in pulmonary tuberculosis" was made in the best tradition of famous Tomsk pathophysiology school.

The winner in the category "Problem solving originality" was scientist Olga Kolesnikova whose research work "Tuberculosis and psycho neuro-immune-endocrine interactions: clinical experience with audio-visual and vibrotactile stimulation" proved the possibility and importance of non-pharmacological stimulation of the immune response in patients with tuberculosis.

The scientific work of Elena Shilova from the Novosibirsk State Medical University, "Sensitivity dynamic of Diaskintest in children" was recognized as the best in the category "Practical significance".

Each participant received a letter of thanks, and the winners were awarded certificates and prizes.