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Berkeley, CA Film Co. Starts Second Phase of Documentary about New Weapons to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

23 April 2015 - Berkeley, California - Currently in production by Recombinant Films, LLC, "War In Our Bodies: Can We Win?" is a single episode program that highlights leading solutions to the global threat of antibiotic- resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," now reaching a crisis level. Past films have only sounded an alarm about their mortal danger. This one showcases new strategies to control them.

Worldwide, 700,000 lives are lost annually to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This film tracks front-line scientists who are mobilizing counterattacks to these mutating superbugs, while also suggesting ways the public may enter this fight. Real stories from patients who’ve survived near-death experiences, or friends who’ve lost loved ones to resistant bacteria, inspired Recombinant to make this documentary. But unlike other films dedicated solely to the superbug problem, "War In Our Bodies: Can We Win?" freshly focuses on an array of scientific discoveries that promise to counter this threat.

Recombinant has already interviewed a number of patients and their doctors, setting the stage for this constantly developing story. Footage already taken also spotlights a first set of researchers' actual or potential breakthroughs that could save millions of lives. These varied discoveries-in-process include wide-range prevention, rapid detection, and head-on attack by precise targeting to kill, disarm, or neutralize resistant bacteria. Plans involve more filming of such patients and pioneering scientists, along with commentary from Big Pharma executives dedicated to this field. Recombinant will also interview health officials worldwide to explore their latest policies and programs. High-quality animation will illustrate key points. See for details about this vital, timely project and fundraising to finish the film.

On March 27, 2015, the New York Times reported, "Obama urged Congress to double the funding to confront the danger of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, calling it a major public health issue that, if left would ‘cause tens of thousands of deaths, millions of illnesses.'" This film will show that the president's proposed government funding increase to $1.2 billion is a promising step but will hardly cover the total amount needed to check the rising superbug tide.

Recombinant Films, LLC is a film team based in Berkeley, CA made up of three co-producers: veteran filmmaker and writer Jean Mudge; documentary maker Bill Mudge, San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking graduate; and Bob Milley, Associate Director, Discovery-Drug Delivery, Dynavax Technologies, Berkeley. They are backed by a board of educators, researchers and a venture capitalist as well as a historian of science. In this film, the company aims to bring together the distinct worlds of scientists, patients, and the viewing public, all joint players in attacking this health crisis.