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TB Europe Coalition holds first ever Member General Assembly

19 May 2015 - This week, the TB Europe Coalition hosted our first ever member-wide General Assembly. The General Assembly, held virtually, was an opportunity to share and discuss the TB Europe Coalition’s development and recent activities with the broader TBEC membership in order to foster greater participation in the network. Specifically, the call presented an opportunity to review recent TBEC activities, to present a member case study and to provide an update on future TBEC activities. Two calls were held highlighting the increasing efforts being made by the TBEC Secretariat to communicate with our members in English and Russian, recognising these as two of the most widely spoken languages of the region.

During the review of recent activities, we presented our new and improving website that allows members to more effectively input into the growth and direction of TBEC. This website development includes:

  • A calendar of events - you can view this for any relevant events and can also send through information on events you are putting on that can be included in the calendar.
  • Membership Forum - this will be a forum where you can discuss issues with other individuals in the region, can ask questions and network virtually with others. We hope this will be the go-to hub for many across the region looking for others working in a similar area.
  • Membership Feedback Form - here you can provide feedback of what you want to see from the network.
  • Map of Civil Society Organisations - through this we hope to provide a snapshot of which civil society organisations are working on TB in your country, improving collaboration and coordination nationally. This is a living web page and if you see there are people missing, do let us know.
  • Resources - we are also working to improve our resources pages so we can offer better technical assistance resources as well as a go to page for potential funding opportunities.

We very much encourage you to visit these new pages both now and if you are ever looking for information or want to feed into the network.

For our members case study, we heard about the development of the Tajikistan National Stop TB Coalition. This included the motivating factors behind the creation of the coalition, for example a complete lack of a coordinating body in the country where NGOs and individuals could get together and exchange knowledge and experience. You can read more about this coalition in the notes and see their presentation Tajikistan case Study

Participants were also given an insight into future TBEC activities such as our desire to further increase the capacity of civil society across the WHO European Region to advocate for a more effective response to the TB epidemic and to strengthen the voice of civil society actors in the TB response. Tying into this, we were able to share the exciting news of the Regional Civil Society and Community Support, Communication and Coordination Platform - this initiative funded by the Global Fund aims to support and strengthen civil society and community engagement at all levels of Global Fund processes, with particular attention paid to Community, Rights and Gender.

Due to the success of the two calls, TBEC plans to host these calls on a quarterly basis from now on. They should provide an opportunity for members to tell us in person what they want to see from the network. The next General Assembly will be held in September 2015.

If you have any agenda points for the next call then please do get in touch with us by emailing

Read the detailed notes of TBEC General Assembly Conference Call