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Operation ASHA wins Transformational Business Award

13 July 2015 - India - Operation ASHA is the winner of the Transformational Business award given by The Financial Times/International Finance Corporation, 2015 for Achievement in ICT. Judges were impressed with the NGO's integration of multiple technical elements into a health care delivery system that is capable of working in difficult settings. Judges also commented on the success of Operation ASHA in providing dignified employment and wages to community members working as health care providers.

Dr. Shelly Batra - President & Co-founder of Operation ASHA - was interviewed by Voice of America (VOA) via e mail, where she explained the use of biometrics in tracking tuberculosis (TB) cases in India, reaching a large audience who follows VOAs broadcasting on mobile devices, Facebook, Twitter feeds, and from call-in programs.

Dr. Batra identified three technologies developed by her organisation that have been especially instrumental in this process: eCompliance, eDetection, and Lab Alert System. eCompliance, the first of the tools to be implemented in 2009, is now effective in most of the organisation's TB centres in nine Indian states and two provinces of Cambodia. It has also been replicated by NGOs in Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and, most recently, Peru. To highlight the efficacy of the more recently developed algorithm-based questionnaire known as eDetection, Dr. Shelly pointed to a pilot study conducted in Cambodia. The results have shown a 20% increase in detection rates, a 20% increase in productivity of health workers, and a 20% decrease in costs. In her explanation of the Lab Alert System, Dr. Batra emphasized the ability of health workers to swiftly follow up with and counsel patients who test positive for TB because an SMS gateway immediately sends text messages updating the worker on the patient's test result. Together, these technological tools have improved the outcomes of TB treatment, management and prevention