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Vietnam hosts 6th National Scientific Conference on Lung Health

04 September 2015 - Vietnam, The 6th National Scientific Conference on Lung Health hosted by the Vietnam Association Against Tuberculosis & Lung diseases and Vietnam National Lung hospital, was successfully held at Eden Plaza in Danang, Vietnam on 21-22 August 2015. The conference theme was "Good control of respiratory diseases from hospital to community" - a continuation of APRC2013's theme "Optimal use of new technology and approach in Lung health".

The conference was opened by A/Prof. Nguyen Thi Xuyen - Vice Minister of Ministry of Health, Prof. Pham Manh Hung - president of Vietnam Medical Association; A/Prof. Dinh Ngoc Sy - president of Vietnam Association Against TB and Lung diseases (VATLD), A/Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhung - Manager of the National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) cum Director of National Lung Hospital, with the participation of over 700 delegates, including representatives of the provincial NTPs, nation-wide and international organizations/associations/NGOs such as PATH, CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), FIND, KNCV, PSI, WHO, Woolcock, Vietnam Women Union and Vietnam Farmers Union.

In addition, the conference also attracted many pharmaceutical firms & medical equipment companies exhibiting their products and advertising their trademark, which was a good opportunity for all delegates in exchanging research and practical information in TB and lung diseases. This year, the conference theme reflected growing concerns about the need to match requirements on optimal use of standard techniques in specialized practice and direction for treating TB and lung diseases. The vital importance of propaganda and control respiratory diseases in community was a recurrent theme throughout the two-day scientific programme, which also presented the latest approaches in proper treatment regimens to the related fights against tuberculosis, lung and respiratory diseases.

The conference topics included several main fields: Update on COPD and Asthma Control Guideline in Vietnam 2015 (VNAC2015), Comprehensive Lung cancer Treatment, thoracic surgery - new orientation, Hospital acquired Pneumonia (HAP), respiratory failure and treatment, New advance in endoscopic diagnosis and intervention in thoracic pathologies, tumors in the chest and lung cancer, pleural disease, infectious lung disease, community acquired pneumonia (CAP), TB and TB control, MDR-TB diagnosis and treatment, PAL implementation results in Vietnam, rare lung diseases, Lung diseases and environment, infection control in hospital, endoscopy and surgery, Asthma and COPD management in community, case studies.

Apart from the scientific session discussions, the conference also rewarded excellent individuals and provincial organizations who have gained considerable achievements in control respiratory diseases from hospital to community.

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