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Thiago Silva: more than a football player -- a TB champion

04 September 2015 - Brazil - During the month of August, the National TB Control Programme from the Brazilian Ministry of Health has been working on a national tuberculosis campaign to be launched in 2015.

Over the years, the national campaigns have been improved and adequate to the Brazilian reality. Last year, famous singer Thiaguinho made public his TB diagnosis and treatment and cure. He stared in the national campaign and his popularity helped to spread the message through the different social media networks.

This year, instead of focusing on the control and on the traditional message ‘of cough may be TB’, the campaign expressed that TB still exists and it can be cured. It brought an important change, emphasizing on the elimination, instead of the customary control of the disease at the national level.

In 2015, the campaign raised a ‘TB ambassador’, relying on Thiago Silva, the world renown Brazilian football player, who had the disease and got cured. In the campaign, he expresses the importance of the early diagnosis and treatment adherence.

There will be distribution of graphic material to healthcare units, as well as dissemination of the campaign through social media and the broadcasting of a film and a radio spot piece, with the player’s images. The hashtag of this year’s campaign is #TBtemcura - or, TB has cure.