Stop TB Partnership

IPSF carry out a Public Health Campaign

Thursday 6th August, Hyderabad, India - On the 6th of August 2015 the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) carried out a Public Health campaign about Tuberculosis (TB). Pharmaceutical Students from all over the world gathered to be a part of the TB Public Health Campaign, which was carried out during the 61st IPSF World Congress. The Public Health Campaign was presented to students at the local Indian School, Auxilium High School in Hyderabad, India. Pharmaceutical Students received information regarding the special features of TB in India. They were then given instructions and preparation materials so they could prepare resources to present to the students.

The Pharmaceutical Students were split up into small groups and within those groups people were assigned to a different subtopic: TB-What is it (Transmission, Pathophysiology, Symptoms and Risk Factors), Nutrition and TB, Hygiene and TB and Preventative measures. The groups created posters and resources covering each of these subtopics in greater detail to present to the students.

The next day all the groups gathered together and headed to the Indian High School to present their information to the students. Each group was assigned a class of around 20 students, whose ages ranged from pre-school to high school, to educate on TB and present their posters to. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions to make sure all the information was clear to them.

Once the posters had been presented there was a special workshop teaching the students proper technique for washing their hands. It is important that the students have good hand hygiene as bad hand hygiene is one of the main ways TB spreads, especially in India. The Pharmaceutical Students demonstrated to the students what proper hand hygiene is and then the students washed their own hands using the techniques they had just been taught.

Article written by: Public Health Committee of IPSF.

Photo Credits: Merve Erkol.