Stop TB Partnership

Janssen and FIND Collaborate to Accelerate Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB

15 December 2015 - The fight against deadly strains of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is to be intensified thanks to a novel collaboration between the non-profit, FIND, and Janssen. The organizations will leverage their collective expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to accelerate access to TB diagnosis, treatment and care.

The inadequacy of current diagnostic solutions, particularly in terms of point-of-care diagnosis, has been a crucial barrier to efforts to contain the spread of TB infection, especially the more complex drug-resistant strains, with around one in four cases of MDR-TB being detected, and only 50 percent successfully treated.

"MDR-TB is threatening the global effort to eliminate TB. The high rates of missed or delayed diagnosis are preventing prompt, effective treatment and allowing MDR-TB’s continued spread," said Wim Parys, M.D., Head of R&D, Janssen Global Public Health. "Our aim through this collaboration is to transform the current model of ensuring effective TB treatment and provide faster access to a continuum of care, from prevention to cure," he added.

Their announcement comes as the World Health Organization’s post-15 End TB Strategy makes a strategic priority of early diagnosis, including universal drug susceptibility testing and screening of at-risk groups, with treatment for all people, including MDR-TB . The WHO Strategy also recognizes that global investments and efforts are essential to develop better diagnostics, including new point-of-care testsii.

As part of the agreement, FIND and Janssen will work with partners to accelerate the development of new rapid, accurate and affordable molecular diagnostics, particularly for point of care use. They will collaborate on a variety of projects with other partners, including diagnostics developers and national TB control programs to close the gap in diagnosis and treatment.

"FIND and Janssen have highly complementary expertise in diagnostics and treatment," said Claudia Denkinger, Head of TB & Hepatitis C Programs at FIND. "Together we can leverage this collective capacity to ensure that people with TB have access to rapid and accurate diagnosis and are quickly linked to effective treatment and care, whether they have drug-susceptible or drug-resistant TB."