Stop TB Partnership

TB Advocates Training in India

29 October 2015, Madurai - STOP TB Partnerships Blossom Trust and TB Alert India (TBAI) jointly organised a capacity building session on Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilisation (ACSM). The session aimed to empower cured and current TB patients to advocate policy change. Participants were selected from TB patients’ charter founded by Blossom, Rainbow TB Forum.

Current Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in India provides cost-free treatment of TB nationwide. However, the current structure falls short in eliminating the stigma and misinformation surrounding the disease. Hence, it is pertinent to sensitise the community and engage policy makers, which civil societies such as the partnerships are able to do effectively due to their close relationship with the key affected population.

The training sessions aimed to increase unity and amity among the members and to equip them with the confidence and communications skills that would enable them to conduct advocacy on community level and beyond. As the outcome, the partnerships anticipate an increase in awareness, dialogue, and consequently attitudinal and policy reform in its respective districts as long-term benefits.