Stop TB Partnership

News Stories 2017

2018 World TB Day Theme Announced

21 December 2017

Global Drug Facility Update

19 December 2017

Let's Get Real: Reaching an Additional 1.5 million Missing People with TB

18 December 2017

European and Central Asian countries can End TB ahead of the rest of the world

15 December 2017

Tackling TB Stigma in The Hague

12 December 2017

TB Responses and UHC Go Hand in Hand

12 December 2017

Let's Fund Communities for Impact

04 December 2017

UN Missions Meet in New York to Build Momentum Towards the UN High-Level Meeting on TB

30 November 2017

Stop TB Partnership’s Concrete Support in the Fight to Tackle AMR

30 November 2017

Global Drug Facility Update

30 November 2017

Coming Together for TB: Joint Effort by Stop TB and IFRC Launched in Panama

29 November 2017

Tuberculosis is finally getting on the agenda of the Heads of State

22 November 2017

At first global ministerial meeting on TB, MSF and Stop TB Partnership give governments deadline to dramatically increase access to testing and treatment

15 November 2017

Stop TB Partnership aims to end TB working closely with the Global Fund and the newly elected Executive Director Peter Sands

14 November 2017

Funding for TB research was the silver lining in 2016

08 November 2017

Reaching for the Stars

06 November 2017

A message for the entire TB Community: 2018 - the year when we make it, or break it!

31 October 2017

Going to Zero One City at a Time: DHAKA

28 October 2017

The 9 month versus the 20 month treatment regimen for MDR-TB - what the randomized clinical trial says

17 October 2017

Wanted: Bright and innovative ideas to end TB!

16 October 2017

Community Voices Unite In Call for Ambitious High-Level Meeting Outcomes

10 October 2017

Stop TB Partnership champions TB excellence in the world through its TB Awards Gala

10 October 2017

First Global Plan to End TB Progress Report shows need for huge efforts and scale-up to reach 90-(90)-90 TB targets

10 October 2017

Groundbreaking, web-based pathway to guide innovators as they develop new TB diagnostics and adjunct technologies

09 October 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance Update September

28 September 2017

To End TB, Networks of People Affected by TB Must be Driving the Response

28 September 2017

Stop TB Partnership and WHO build high level commitment towards 2018 UN High Level Meeting on TB

23 September 2017

Save the Date - TB REACH Wave 6 Call for Proposals Launch Event

20 September 2017

Request for Proposals

08 September 2017

We need you! If you understand TB early case finding, you love innovations, you are a game changer and love to serve people with TB, please join us!

05 September 2017

Latin American and Caribbean activist network of people affected by TB launches in Peru

31 August 2017

Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH initiative funds innovation and fosters grantee-grantee collaboration

31 August 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance Update August

31 August 2017

Communities and Civil Society Strongly United in Strategic Advocacy for TB UN High Level Meeting Towards Ending TB

11 August 2017

Save the Date - Count Down To Guadalajara

07 August 2017


28 July 2017

Global Drug Facility Update: July

25 July 2017


17 July 2017

Stop TB Partnership mourns the death of Dr. Sabine Rüsch-Gerdes: 1949 - 2017

13 July 2017

Stop TB Partnership, African TB Programs and partners: shoulder to shoulder in the fight against TB

12 July 2017

G20 Leaders Elevate TB challenge to Heads of State Level

08 July 2017

Stakeholders from Balti, Moldova unite to make it a Zero TB City

07 July 2017

Launch of Out of Step 2017

07 July 2017

First Community App developed for TB communities

04 July 2017

Towards ending TB in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: use the best modelling available and work with all stakeholders for a patient centered approach

30 June 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance Update: June

30 June 2017

TB REACH panel at the 20th Conference of the Union Africa Region, Accra/Ghana (10-13 July 2017)

28 June 2017

The 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on TB - Let's do this!

27 June 2017

Law Enforcement Officers and Healthcare Workers Set Out Plans to Guarantee Access to TB Services for Key Populations

15 June 2017

Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH Wave 5 grantees in full speed to evaluate progress and impact of their projects

06 June 2017

Accelerated Access to New TB Medicines, Regimens, and Diagnostics: Challenges and Opportunities in Transition Supply Planning

30 May 2017

Stop TB Partnership Board in Berlin: re-inforcing high burden country leadership towards ending TB

30 May 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance update for May

29 May 2017

GDF facilitates workshops on Forecasting Quantification, Supply Planning and Early Warning Systems for TB Medicines

29 May 2017

Stop TB Partnership congratulates Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on his appointment as new WHO Director-General: the leader we need to end TB

24 May 2017

Time for Action on Antimicrobial Resistance & TB

22 May 2017

Stop TB Partnership Board announces results of elections for Members

05 May 2017

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility Holds Annual Suppliers Meeting in Lao PDR

04 May 2017

Addressing the needs of key, vulnerable and the most underserved populations - essential to End TB

21 April 2017

A people-centered approach constructed by TB champions

13 April 2017

Central Asia addresses cross-border tuberculosis prevention and control among migrants

10 April 2017

The world lit up for TB!

04 April 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance update for March

31 March 2017

Delamanid is Now Available in South Africa through a New Clinical Access Program

24 March 2017

African countries fast tracking efforts to end TB in the region

24 March 2017

BD, FIND, Stop TB Partnership and UNDP collaborate to expand access to critical technology across 85 countries for improved TB diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing

24 March 2017

Berlin TB Summit concludes with call for G20 leadership on TB

23 March 2017

South East Asian countries: Amazing political commitment to End TB in spite of large populations, big TB burden and several challenges

17 March 2017

TB is not a crime (#TBisnotacrime)

10 March 2017

World TB Day 2017: Lights, Camera, Action!

03 March 2017

Open Letter to the WHO to put #TBontheList

02 March 2017

Light up the world for TB!

28 February 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance update February

28 February 2017

The Stop TB Partnership's Global Drug Facility support in TB control

28 February 2017

TB community -- dismayed as the World Health Organization (WHO) omits Mycobacterium tuberculosis from "list of bacteria for which new antibiotics are urgently needed"

27 February 2017

Doing Well by Doing Good

08 February 2017

Walking the talk: Nigeria Declares 2017 the Year of "Accelerating TB Case Finding"

02 February 2017

Indonesia launches Ministerial Decree on Tuberculosis

02 February 2017

Global Drug Facility Technical Assistance update January

31 January 2017

Longitude Prize: The Race is on

31 January 2017

WHO Global Ministerial Conference on TB

31 January 2017

USAID success story : Empowering communities to help prevent TB

30 January 2017

In 2017, Unite to End TB must be more than just a slogan!

26 January 2017

One More Step Towards Ending TB as IOM Launches First Ever TB and Migration Portal

24 January 2017