Stop TB Partnership

News Stories 2018

Free Webinar 17th April - Finding the missing people with TB - How can drug sales data help?

11 April 2019

GDF Missions in December 2018

31 December 2018

Middle East and North Africa civil society and communities discuss UN HLM targets and commitments

15 December 2018

TB REACH’s Independent M&E Team reviews grantees progress through current waves

15 December 2018

Partners and stakeholders discussed the End TB Strategy Pillar 2 in the Western Pacific Region

15 December 2018

The Stop TB Partnership welcomes India’s Andhra Pradesh State innovative private-public approach to ending TB

15 December 2018

Civil society, communities and people affected by TB push to build accountability tools to turn the UN HLM on TB targets and commitments into results

05 December 2018

The Strategic Initiative to Find the Missing People with TB

28 November 2018

Asia region looks to accelerate the finding of missing people with TB and reach targets outlined in the UN Political Declaration

28 November 2018

Overcoming human rights barriers in the center of the HIV and TB response

22 November 2018

Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region work hard to reach all people and communities in need with affordable TB medicines and diagnostics

22 November 2018


14 November 2018

GDF Technical Support Missions September and October 2018

31 October 2018

A new TB control project is being implemented in Tajikistan

31 October 2018

Are you TB Proof - Infection Prevention & Control Online tool

31 October 2018

CDC Accelerates Scale up of TB prevention for People Living with HIV

31 October 2018

CRG Assessment Reports released in India

31 October 2018

Janna Health Foundation (JHF) Activity Report (CFCS)

31 October 2018

The Launch of the South AfricaTB Caucus

31 October 2018

Three days training on Stop TB (CFCS Round-8) of Community Health Workers

31 October 2018

USAID and Tajikistan recognize journalists for the best media materials on TB

31 October 2018

Video DOT Case Study - Fresno County Department of Health

31 October 2018

Countries vow to strengthen their primary health care systems as an essential step toward achieving universal health coverage

26 October 2018


26 October 2018


26 September 2018

Global Health and Business Leaders Pledge Major Commitments to End Tuberculosis

25 September 2018


22 September 2018


19 September 2018


18 September 2018

Political Declaration on TB ready for approval at the UN High-Level Meeting on TB

15 September 2018

26 days to 26 September

31 August 2018

Kochon Prize Deadline extended to 7 September 2018

31 August 2018

Highlights of GDF Mission to Malawi, August 2018

31 August 2018

TB REACH boosts ability of grantees to successfully measure impact of projects

30 August 2018

WHO’s Rapid Communication on Treatment of Multidrug- and Rifampicin-Resistant Tuberculosis

22 August 2018

Strategic Initiative to Find Missing People with TB launches the online platform to boost information and knowledge exchange and monitor progress

20 August 2018

A human rights-based approach to TB must be accessible to all

10 August 2018

The Stop TB Partnership announces Call for the 2018 Kochon Prize Nominations for Political Leaders fighting to End TB!

01 August 2018

Zero TB Initiative meets in Dubai to discuss comprehensive strategies to eliminate TB: One Community at a Time

27 July 2018

Republic of Korea shows great leadership towards ending TB

27 July 2018

ACT NOW! 60 DAYS REMAINING TO PUSH FOR AN IMPACTFUL UN HLM ON TB --- Each one of you is needed to make the unprecedented push to End TB

26 July 2018

The Stop TB Partnership Board announces Ministers of Health of Nigeria and Kazakhstan and Private Sector representative as new Board Members

24 July 2018

South Africa ensures reduction of prices for Bedaquiline to benefit the world

23 July 2018

BRICS Ministers of Health Discussed the Participation of their Heads of State at the UN High-Level Meeting on TB in September

20 July 2018

Zero TB Initiative meets in Dubai to discuss comprehensive strategies to eliminate TB, one community at a time

27 July 2018

Taking partnership with the private sector to the next level: The Stop TB Partnership and Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. will work together toward ending TB

09 July 2018


29 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) organizes first TB Diagnostics Suppliers meeting

29 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) undertakes monthly missions to provide technical assistance to countries and support to National TB Programs in managing procurement

29 June 2018


27 June 2018

Unprecedented Solidarity of Demands from TB Community and Stakeholders at the UN Interactive Civil Society Hearing for UN HLM on TB

25 June 2018

OneImpact Launched in Cambodia

22 June 2018

South Africa: the country where political leadership serves the people

21 June 2018

USD 31 Million Saved by Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility Through Newly-Reduced Prices for TB Medicines

19 June 2018

GDF continues to strengthen its diagnostics portfolio with the launch of the new catalog and organization of first suppliers meeting

06 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership’s GDF Annual meeting of TB Medicines Manufacturers

05 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership Raises the Flag for the UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB at the World Health Assembly Week

05 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership and partners complete a successful tour of the Africa Region to Mobilize TB Affected Communities for the UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB

05 June 2018

The Private Sector is Gearing up for the UN HLM on TB

05 June 2018

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) undertakes monthly missions to provide technical assistance to countries and support National TB Programs in managing procurement.

05 June 2018

Communities, Civil Society and Stakeholders are Pinning High Hopes on the First Ever Interactive Civil Society Hearing on TB scheduled for June 4 at the UN Headquarters in New York

30 May 2018

Stop TB Partnership launches: Advocacy and Communications Toolkit for Global and In-country Efforts for a Successful Civil Society Hearing and UN HLM on TB

29 May 2018

Twitter Chat: Interactive Civil Society Hearing

28 May 2018

USD17 million from TB REACH to Support Innovative Approaches to Find and Treat More People with TB

16 May 2018

Community Rights and Gender Workshop held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

14 May 2018

Registration OPEN for the Interactive Civil Society Hearing on UNGA High-level Meeting on TB

10 May 2018

Kazakhstan and Central Asian Countries meet to discuss New Approaches to Eliminate TB

30 April 2018

Key Asks from TB Stakeholder and Communities presented at the Harm Reduction Academy

30 April 2018

Parliamentarians from across the World gather in New York to Support TB Stakeholders and Communities as they announced the "Key Asks" for the UN HLM on TB

26 April 2018

Announcing Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round 8 Grantees

23 April 2018

Parliamentarians from Across the Globe are Gathering in New York to Increase Political Visibility and Engagement as a Lead up to the UN HLM on TB

23 April 2018

Last chance to apply: 27 April deadline

17 April 2018

World TB Day 2018: A Big Thanks to our Partners for the Biggest, Boldest and the Brightest Campaign ever!

11 April 2018

Her Excellency, Aisha Buhari, wife of the President of Nigeria and Parliamentarians take leadership in Ending TB

11 April 2018

First lady of the DRC and the Wife of the President of Nigeria show leadership towards UN HLM on TB

11 April 2018

18 days to go: 27 April deadline

10 April 2018

The UN High-Level Meeting on TB - Modalities Resolution Agreed

5 April 2018

Pakistan commemorate World TB Day with high-level meeting to End TB

3 April 2018

The world lit up in red for TB

2 April 2018

West and Central Africa workshop on Innovations in TB

28 March 2018

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) technical assistance missions, March 2018

27 March 2018

Kenyan TB Legal Environment Assessment Launched

27 March 2018

Light Up the World in Red to End TB

23 March 2018

Letter from the UK Academics and Professionals for TB

23 March 2018

WHO, Stop TB Partnership, UN missions and partners unite in UN HQ, New York towards a successful UN HLM on TB

21 March 2018

Reaching for the Stars

15 March 2018

Delhi END TB Summit 2018

13 March 2018

The UN High-Level Meeting on TB: The Countdown Continues

09 March 2018

Global leaders meet in Delhi to fast-track End TB efforts

09 March 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

08 March 2018

Stop TB Partnership and WHO join hands to rally Heads of States to End TB

02 March 2018

World TB Day 2018: Bigger, Bolder and Brighter

27 February 2018


27 February 2018


27 February 2018

Global Drug Facility (GDF) Missions Update

27 February 2018

TB reach wave 6 - Full Steam Ahead

27 February 2018

Leading the global market: Stop TB Partnership's GDF secured 41% of TB diagnostic cartridges in 2017

12 February 2018

Global Drug Facility Update

31 January 2018

TB advocates get fired up in Bangkok

25 January 2018

Meet the disrupters: How social entrepreneurship is leading the way to end TB

24 January 2018

Stop TB joins WHO and Civil Society in Unified Push to End TB

17 January 2018

Sharing the spotlight: Announcing the TB 2018 - IAS pre-conference event

11 January 2018

Message from the Executive Director

03 January 2018