Stop TB Partnership

Plans and Strategies

The Global Plan To End TB 2016-2020
November 2015
The Global Plan is a 5-year investment plan that represents the roadmap to accelerating impact on the TB epidemic and reaching the targets of the WHO End TB Strategy.

The Operational Strategy 2013-2015 [.pdf]
January 2012

November 2010
(Arabic [.pdf], Chinese [.pdf], French [.pdf], Russian [.pdf], Spanish [.pdf])

The Global Plan To Stop TB 2011-2015 [.pdf]
October 2010

The Global Plan To Stop TB 2006-2015: Progress Report 2006-2008 [.pdf]
November 2009

The Global MDR-TB & XDR-TB Response Plan 2007-2008 [.pdf]
October 2007

The Stop TB Strategy [.pdf]
March 2006
One-pagers in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Information Pack on The Global Plan To Stop TB, 2006-2015
January 2006

The Global Plan To Stop TB, 2006-2015
January 2006

Sustaining the Gains [.pdf]
National Self-Sufficiency for TB Drug Access, A Global Drug Facility Strategy
October 2005

Progress Report on the Global Plan to Stop TB (2001-2005) [.pdf]

Keeping the Pledge to Stop TB [.pdf]
March 2004

Global Plan to Stop TB (2001-2005) [.pdf]
A comprehensive plan to tackle TB, including opportunities, actions, and investments needed.
October 2001

Endorsed Washington Commitment
English [.pdf] , French [.pdf] , Spanish [.pdf] , Chinese [.pdf] , Russian [.pdf] , Arabic [.pdf]
October 2001

Global DOTS Expansion Plan [.pdf]
Progress in TB control in high-burden countries, 2001.

Global TB Drug Facility Prospectus [.pdf]
A global mechanism to ensure universal, uninterrupted access to quality TB drugs.
March 2001

Stop TB Partnership Basic Framework (updated) [.pdf]
Stop TB Partnership Basic Framework (2001 original version) [.pdf]
This contains the institutional, operational, and administrative arrangements for the Stop TB Partnership

Amsterdam Declaration from the Ministerial Conference on TB and Sustainable Development
A call for accelerated action against tuberculosis.
March 2000