Human Resource Development (HRD) for comprehensive TB control refers to the process of planning, managing, and supporting the health workforce involved in delivering comprehensive TB control services, within the development of the overall health workforce.

HRD aims at getting "the right people, with the right skills and motivation, in the right place, at the right time."

The quality of health service delivery, including interventions for comprehensive TB control based on the Stop TB Strategy, depends to a large extent upon the performance of personnel, enabled by the availability of sufficient facilities, equipment and drugs, and a supportive environment. The performance of personnel depends on various factors such as motivation, training, supervision, salaries, working conditions, job certainty, and stability (reducing planned staff turnover/rotation), all of which require carefully formulated and implemented health workforce policies.

Coordinated efforts are needed to address HRD for comprehensive TB control, including ministries of health, local governments and executives, managers of national TB control programmes, representatives of provincial and local staff involved in TB control activities, professional associations, training organizations or institutions, and community-based organizations.

Objectives of the subgroup

The Mission of the HRD-TB Sub Group is to contribute to the overall global vision and goals for HRD for implementation of the Stop TB strategy:

The vision for HRD for the implementation of the Stop TB Strategy:

Every person everywhere has access to a motivated and supported health worker who is skilled in TB prevention, care, and control based on the Stop TB Strategy.

The goals for HRD for implementation of the Stop TB strategy:

Health workers at different levels of the health system have the skills, knowledge, and attitudes (professional competence) necessary to successfully implement and sustain comprehensive TB prevention, care, and control services based on the Stop TB Strategy.

A sufficient number of health workers of all categories involved in comprehensive TB prevention, care and control is available at all levels of the health system with the needed support systems to motivate staff to use their competencies to provide quality services for the entire population according to their needs.

The Sub Group will fulfill its mission through advocacy, coordination, monitoring, advising, collecting, and sharing information around the global response to the health workforce crisis in the context of the implementation of the Stop TB Strategy.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference for the HRD-TB Sub Group [.pdf]