TB Lab Accreditation

There is a growing need to dramatically expand and strengthen TB laboratory services, including increasing access to high quality microscopy, culture, drug susceptibility testing (DST), and new diagnostics. A major barrier, however, is developing capacity and assuring quality in weak laboratory systems where there are little or no laboratory standards. The ready access to quality diagnostics in high resource countries is not simply a matter of greater resources for personnel, facilities, and supplies, but also reflects laboratory regulations and accreditation programs that clearly outline and enforce standards which ensure accountability and quality services.

For further information, please see "GLI Stepwise Process towards TB Laboratory Accreditation" on http://www.gliquality.org

Laboratory Quality Stepwise Implementation tool (LQSI) based on "GLI Stepwise Process towards TB Laboratory Accreditation" has been developed by the Royal Tropical Institute for the World Health Organization. This tool in the form of a website that provides a stepwise plan to guide medical laboratories towards implementing a quality management system in compliance with ISO 15189. It may help laboratories to fulfil the requirements of the standard to enable achievement of accreditation.

WHO AFRO SLIPTA Checklist and guidance document