Training Packages

GLI Training Package: Programme Modules for Diagnostic Network Strengthening: This modular training package has been developed to guide programme and laboratory managers and their implementation partners on key topics for diagnostic network strengthening, including: TB diagnostics policies and strategies; practical considerations for implementing TB diagnostics; planning and establishing a sample referral network; planning and implementing a quality assurance programme; planning and implementing connectivity solutions; monitoring and evaluating; funding; planning an integrated diagnostic approach. The modules are in PowerPoint format for country customization, and are accompanied by facilitator guides and worksheets for participants. These programme modules complement existing GLI training packages for WHO-endorsed TB diagnostic tests (see below).

GLI Training Package on Xpert MTB/RIF: A consortium of GLI partners including FIND, KNCV, US CDC, USAID and WHO have developed a modular Xpert MTB/RIF training package with funding from USAID (TB CARE I). The modules are based on materials originally developed by FIND, KNCV and Cepheid, and are in PowerPoint format for country customization. Depending on the audience, modules may be selected and adapted according to need (e.g. basic users, supervisors, clinicians). Topics covered include: Overview of TB and diagnostics, biosafety, specimen collection, procurement, installation, Xpert MTB/RIF technology, results interpretation, reporting, troubleshooting, maintenance, a clinical guide, and quality assurance.

GLI Training Package on Culture in Solid and Liquid Media (Note: zipped file is 311 MB)

GLI Training Package on DST by Phenotypic and Molecular Methods (Note: zipped file is 34 MB)

GLI Training Package on LPA (Note: zipped file is 103 MB)

Partner training packages

FIND online training course based on the GLI Guide for providing technical support to TB laboratories in low- and middle-income countries

Training Package on Acid-Fast Direct Smear Microscopy