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Welcome to the Working Group on New TB Vaccines

Welcome to the Working Group on new TB Vaccines

The need for new TB vaccines

Safe and effective tuberculosis (TB) vaccines are urgently needed. TB continues to take the lives of almost one and a half million people per year and devastates the lives of millions more. New TB vaccines are an urgent part of a comprehensive plan to control and ulimately eliminate TB. Over the past decade, researchers have made significant progress in TB vaccine development, and a dozen TB vaccine candidates are now being evaluated in clinical trials. Read more...

The way forward, a strategic Blueprint for TB Vaccine Development

Developing new TB vaccines is a costly, complex and time-consuming undertaking that requires a coordinated global effort. Tuberculosis Vaccines: A Strategic Blueprint for the Next Decade provides a strategy to develop more effective TB vaccines as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. It was developed in consultation with stakeholders from the TB vaccine research community and outlines the major scientific challenges and priorities, critical activities and crucial questions that need to be addressed to develop these life-saving vaccines. Read more...

Global Forum on TB Vaccines

The Global Forum on TB Vaccines is a biannual international gathering of researchers, product developers, pharmaceutical companies, government officials, advocates and other stakeholders interested and involved in the development of new, more effective tuberculosis vaccines. It is convened under the auspices of the Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New TB Vaccines, which represents the spectrum of stakeholders involved in TB vaccine research. The Forum serves to advance a common agenda that is developed and driven by the TB vaccine research community.

The Fourth Global Forum on TB Vaccines will be held in Shanghai, China from 21-24 April 2015. For more information, please visit

TUBERCULOSIS VACCINES - A Strategic Blueprint for the Next Decade