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Welcome to the Working Group on New TB Vaccines


Blueprint for TB Vaccine Development

Tuberculosis Vaccines: A Strategic Blueprint for the Next Decade is a comprehensive strategy to introduce the safest and most effective TB vaccines that reduce tuberculosis worldwide, through partnership, innovative strategies and creative mechanisms. The blueprint, developed through an international collaboration coordinated by the Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New TB Vaccines, is a valuable tool to foster unity in the field and a more comprehensive approach to developing new vaccines to prevent tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis Vaccines: A Strategic Blueprint for the Next Decade
Tuberculosis, Volume 92, Supplement 1, Pages i, S1-S35 (March 2012)
Edited by Michael J. Brennan and Jelle Thole

Blueprint Summary Brochure | Blueprint Fact Sheet

TB Vaccine Pipeline

There has been tremendous progress in TB vaccine development over the past decade. Sixteen candidates have advanced to clinical trials and 12 are currently being tested in the field. Click on the link below to view the pipeline of TB vaccine candidates in clinical development.

Tuberculosis Vaccines in Clinical Development

Other Resources

Vaccines brochure

Community Fact Sheet on New TB Vaccines

Questions and Answers about the MVA85A Phase IIb trial

To become more involved in advocacy around TB vaccine R&D, join the google group dedicated to this topic. To join, send a blank email to