The Stop TB Partnership brings together more than 1600 partners from 120 countries. Amongst partners we include civil society and community groups, international and technical organizations, government programs, research and funding agencies, foundations, media and private businesses.

The fight against tuberculosis cannot be the business of one organization alone, but needs the contribution of all those willing and able to make the difference. The Stop TB Partnership values every partner and their field of expertise, and gives/provides the opportunity to join forces and be part of a movement that encourages bold and innovative approaches to find solutions in the fight against TB.

  • We focus on strengthening support to all current and future partners.
  • We identify shared opportunities, the most effective ways to sustain and expand engagement and create platforms for interaction and collaboration.
  • We provide a collective voice for the TB community
  • We facilitate consensus, and strengthen TB advocacy and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Every year on World TB Day, the 24th of March, we come together with our partners worldwide to create awareness about the global TB epidemic and the efforts that need to be made to eliminate the disease.