Putting people at the heart of the TB response is critical for ending TB. Every year, health systems miss millions of people with TB because of barriers to health services, human rights violations, stigma, and a lack of access to support services. 

In response, OneImpact is a digital platform made up of three tools that work together to provide a comprehensive community empowerment, community engagement and community-led monitoring (CLM) solution that puts people at the heart of the TB response.

In pursuit of this goal, OneImpact CLM aims to empower people affected by TB with information and ways to engage and report TB challenges as they relate to:

  1. Barriers to accessing TB health services
  2. Human rights violations
  3. TB stigma
  4. Barriers to accessing TB support services.

Multisectoral response teams will subsequently mobilize to address and overcome these TB challenges at local and programmatic levels. 

OneImpact digital platform

OneImpact app

OneImpact, a digital platform powered by Dure Technologies, is made up of three tools that work together to provide a comprehensive community engagement, community empowerment and community-led monitoring (CLM) solution:


Downloadable mobile application for people affected by TB: The app provides people affected by TB with information on TB, their rights, and TB care and support services. It also provides spaces for people affected by TB to connect virtually and to report challenges for a rapid response and resolution.

First Responder Dashboard

First Responder Dashboard: This dashboard enables first responders to track, coordinate, and mobilize a response to the challenges reported.

Accountability Dashboard

Accountability Dashboard: A platform for community advocates and other stakeholders to monitor and analyze trends in TB challenges and to generate CLM reports for advocacy, action, and programmatic change.


Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan, Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations (EANNASO) Tanzania, Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance (KHANA) Cambodia, Lembaga Kesehatan Nahdlatul Ulama (LKNU) Indonesia, TBpeople Ukraine, Associacao Mocambicana para a Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo (ADPP) Mozambique, Club des Amis Damien (CAD) DR Congo, Copperbelt Health Education Project (CHEP) Zambia, African Coalition on TB (ACT), Activists’ Coalition on TB, Asia Pacific (ACT! AP) hosted by APCASO, TBpeople, Global Coalition of TB Activists (GCTA), Dynamique de la Réponse d'Afrique Francophone contre la Tuberculose (DRAF TB), and Treatment Action Group (TAG) USA.

OneImpact CLM implementation resources

OneImpact community-led monitoring (CLM) should be implemented in phases, from determining the need and feasibility to evaluating the pilot project. To support implementation, the Stop TB Partnership has developed a series of tools for each of the phases:

  1. Feasibility and needs assessment
  2. Adaptation tools
  3. Training tools
  4. Launch tools
  5. Monitoring and evaluation tools

OneImpact CLM Conceptual and Implementation Framework

The OneImpact CLM Conceptual and Implementation Framework presents the rationale, model, and approach, as well as the primary, cross-cutting and overarching impacts. The framework also details the implementation phases, linking to resources to support decision-making processes. It was developed with International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) Global, OneImpact implementers from across the globe, community and civil society partners, technical partners and Dure Technologies. It will be available in June 2021. 

OneImpact CLM Investment Package

The OneImpact CLM Investment Package supports country decisions to invest in community-led monitoring (CLM) using OneImpact and provides the rationale, scope of work, objectives, areas of intervention, expected results and resources required to implement it.