GDF provides more than 500 diagnostics products, including the latest WHO-approved tuberculosis diagnostic devices and reagents, together with the consumables and ancillary devices required to ensure a safe working environment. These products cater to all levels of laboratories, ranging from peripheral health centers to centralized reference laboratories, and provide countries with the latest WHO-recommended technologies for detecting TB and drug resistance.

In addition to the catalog, an accompanying GDF TB Diagnostics Ordering List has also been redesigned and enhanced to facilitate the ordering process and budgeting. New product-specific recommendations have been added to guide the user in the selection of items during the ordering process. Technical specifications have been aligned and updated, including product packaging and transport types, manufacturer product codes, quality assurance registrations, and other product information fields. As a final new feature, when the user enters the desired quantities into the ordering list, a linked summary sheet allows for automated calculation of costs overall and by supplier, as well as total volumes of goods for planning of transport.


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